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  2. Lazy Days Movement 1

    Had no problems playing the music. Good job overall. A few things to look at: 0:15, and this applies when this figure reappears: F-sharp2 to C2 is a musically awkward jummp, consider D2 instead 0:18: D2 to A2, musically awkward jump, consider E2 instead 0:23: A doesn't belong in E minor chord 0:42 and 0:48: D doesn't belong in C major chord, consider E instead 0:44 and 0:49: C doesn't fit in this context, consider B instead 1:43: A doesn't belong, consider G instead
  3. Look At What I Found

    Good job overall. I would have more rhythmic complexity, especially when all parts share the same rhythm. When all parts play in unison, it might be nice to make those spots more harmonious. 0:07: A4 preferred over B4 I'm not going to go over the whole thing, so I'm going to take the word of others.
  4. Today

    Sorry! Two jobs and school I will respond asap. As for the "best works" section, I'll try to design a little bit better way to feature pieces and will let you know here or on messenger.
  6. Prelude Homage to Tchaikovsky

    The music is beautiful. And yes, writing for the piano is not easy. It happens often, that people who can play quite well the piano begin to write for it, and take for granted the nuances they play are in the score.
  7. Prelude Homage to Tchaikovsky

    Hi, thx for the reply. Generally you are right, I'm not just that familliar with the program. Additionally, It's kind of obvious for me how to play my music, so I don't bother writing it down. For the future I will definately add some more specific instructions. Generally I very much like composing for the piano. I have no clear direction yet as to where to take it to, so i'll have to see if I'll continue to write in this genre. Uri
  8. Prelude Homage to Tchaikovsky

    Hello Uri, Firstly, I welcome you to the forum! I think the music is lovely. From the first measures you make clear that this is a real homage to Tchaikovsky: Tchaikovsky: The Seasons, Op. 37a; VI. June (Barcarolle). Andante cantabile. Your piece contains the same 'dreamy' atmosphere, but I like how you apply your own style to the style of Tchaikovsky: it reminds me of some *good* pop balads. Lay-out is a point to work on. The score does not make it easy for the perfomer to interpret the music. When you, as a composer, write something to play by yourself you do not have to forget that the sheet music has to be clear to everybody and not only you, because you are the composer and you know how them usic has to sound. Other musicians will probably have some issues with the interpretation, because there is almost nothing written down regarding articulation, dynamics, tempo and pedal signs, of which the latter can be left to the performer's taste. Tchaikovsky's music is full of it; almost over the top: At first, he decides to indicate the tempo WITH the expression cantabile to help the player with the interpretation. He uses legato / phrasing bows on almost all notes in combination with crescendi and diminuendi to show the performer where the music has to go to. Furthermore, there are pedals signs everywhere, which, however, can be left to the performer as I mentioned before. Finally, one can see that Tchaikovsky uses more than two voices, i.e. not only one voice in treble-clef and one in the bass-clef, but two in the treble clef and one in the bass clef or vice versa. See from m.4: This helps to make the score look clearer. You have some places too where there are more than two voices, or where the notes can at least be considered to be different voices to improve the clarity of the score: M.11: M.14: I assume that you use MuseScore, concluding from the lay-out. You can add more voices in the program by clicking on the number 1, 2, 3, 4 in the menu: Yours may look a bit different, because I have the Dutch version. Generally, I like the music: the singing touch of Tchaikovsky combined with your harmonies make this piece wonderful. Lay-out is an issue and I hope that this information helps! Do you have plans to write more pieces in this concept, since this composition is called Prelude? Well done! Kind regards, Maarten [You posted this topic twice and therefore I have deleted the one that contains all the information here.]
  9. Hello, my name is Uri Zafrir, 24 years old pianist and future Rabbi from Israel. I've been playing the piano from the age of 5, and composing from around 15. I know most of the classical repertoire by heart, and have a degree in music from University of Tel Aviv I've recently composed this new piece for piano. I'm the performer. Would love to hear opinions, constructive criticism, etc. Uri
  10. Op106 Nr4

    Hello everyone, this is the piece I newly composed, hope you like it.

    Thank you for your reply! There is going to be an informative article about the saxophone (technique) by me. Moreover some other people have said that they would like to write a theory based article. I am not sure about the composition list. Would it add something to the magazine? It seems like a lot work, since there are many composers and many works.
  12. Masterclass: Figured bass harmonization

    Awesome to see figured bass getting it's proper recognition! But I think it might've been helpful to include figures as a reference point.

    I know nothing about editing, but maybe it could have articles about advice and techniques, or maybe catalogues of compositions, perhaps a list of works from each month by composer? It sounds really exciting!
  14. Yesterday
  15. Le Jardin

    So I wrote this piece little over a year ago and it was my first time writing for harp. If any of you play the harp, I'd especially appreciate it if you could just have a look through the harp part as you listen, just to see if there are any mistakes that should be fixed. Also ... Harp Question: Should I put pedal diagrams in; leave it blank, so that the harpist can work out the best pedalling for themselves; or somewhere in the middle (like maybe at the beginning and at certain rehearsal marks)? Program Note (if you're interested): The inspiration for the piece came from Rautavaara’s Cantus Arcticus, subtitled Concerto for Birds and Orchestra, in which Rautavaara incorporates tape recordings of birdsong’s in northern Finland and near the Arctic Circle. In “Le Jardin”, I transcribed the call of the cuckoo and used it as a leitmotif for the middle piece. In “Dawn”, at rehearsal mark A, flute 1 plays a bird song like melody which at rehearsal mark B, is imitated by the rest of the woodwind. This imitation at B represents the birds calling and responding to each other as well as the animals waking up and the day beginning. For the third piece, I wanted a contrast to the first two pieces. I decided to write a light, humorous, polyphonic piece and ants seemed like the clear choice. In “Ants”, I have the melodies enter one after another, like ants walking in a line.
  16. Its my second so called composition :)

    Looking forward to hearing it!
  17. Awesome.. thanks for the review and the comments. Ill make some repairs and do better for my third!!
  18. Multi-Genre Collab?

    Good idea, but my aim is to make them all get joined in one composition despite how hard it is to fit the completely different instrumental variations with each other. That's the challenge, and with good noting and music it's not impossible. It's also appreciable if every composition per participant ends in a tamable tone that can easily transform into many other styles, however not sounding like you stopped the composition and turned on another one.
  19. Multi-Genre Collab?

    How about a theme and variations? You compose a theme and all participants compose their own variations on that theme. This solves the problem of unlogical transitions in atmosphere.
  20. Question: Piano pedals

    Not a problem at all! You answered my question and that is enough. :-)

    Sorry, my mistake! 2 pages for the 'best pieces' in catagories. At least, I can add you to our team. @Monarcheon , would you mind to organise this topic in the magazine? By the way, you have not answered my personal message about the magazine.

    A clear definition of 'good' and 'best' is a little tough, since there is subjective judgement also involved. What do you mean "writing both topics (maximum 3 pages in total)"? I though we would just be choosing the pieces that will be published in the magazine? Do you have something else in mind? I will of course try to be of help with the magazine and these two sections in particular. However, I have limited time that I can provide for them. Since Monarcheon has already offered her help in judging the selection of pieces, I think it will only be fair to include her too.
  23. Multi-Genre Collab?

    Full-length piece of multiple genres following one theme but described in different instruments/genres/atmospheres/whatever you call it. It's like a multi-lingual song, same purpose and/or message, different languages.
  24. Its my second so called composition :)

    Every instrument on its own is very nice.. but together, they conflict a little bit. It's awkward for the first few listens, but it's not bad, just fine tuning the instruments to match each other would do much more than expected. In detail: 0:00 --> 0:14 Great intro, suits a game menu background music 0:14 --> 0:24 That got loud.. Is it going emotional? Ok.. 0:24 --> 0:49 Feels a little evil, but blends in as it goes on 0:49 --> 1:11 Blending in very well, but the awkward intro took out the atmosphere 1:11 --> 1:57 I love this part! There are some very tiny errors in timing, but it could be taste-wise for me, might sound good for someone else. 1:57 --> 2:52 Awkward stop, feels like it turned into another composition. Lost the atmosphere here. 2:52 --> 4:00 The sounds just don't mix together for me. The high-pitch instrument is my least favorite. Ending happened a bit too quick. Good job overall though, for a second composition, you can be very good later on!
  25. Multi-Genre Collab?

    Genre preferred: classical (any period), jazz, or world Theme: no specific theme Tempo: no specific tempo Instrumentation: 2-6 instruments, TBA Length: TBA, anywhere from 30-120 seconds
  26. Question: Piano pedals

    Lol, I didn't know what else to say besides affirming your question.
  27. Multi-Genre Collab?

    So far this is developing so good. Based on the genre types compositions will be arranged to fit some sort of a story-telling feel. (The participants are added on the main post)
  28. Just want to hear opinions and corrections on my work i know there is a lot i made bad/wrong :D Its just by ear and no theory involved at all. Thanks have a great day all
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