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How do you use "VST Instruments"

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Just as the title asks.



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The creation of music implies a sequence of notes, and the instrument that actually sounds. The sequence is created in the "host" software it's commonly called DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) in this software you create the sequence of notes, and these sequence is sent to the instrument, which returns the sequence as audio.
the DAW software will scan an specific folder where you install the VST Instruments, so you can load them into the DAW.
(Examples of DAW softwares are Cubase, Sonic, Reason, FL Studio etc)

you normally use 1 DAW, and load there all the VST you want, (previously installed in the VST Folder) so we could say that the DAW does everything expect to sound, and the VST doesn't nothing but sound :)

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Your sound card will come with some default (and quite bad) sounds you might call 'midi sounds'. These are technically VST instruments. To get better ones, buy one you like, install it then in your DAW open a new midi or instrument track. Once you've done this and assigned the instrument to the track, then open up the track or score editor, or simply record from a MIDI device.

What I do when I compose:
Open Cubase --> New Project --> Load the VST instruments I will use -->create a few MIDI tracks --> record something from my MIDI keyboard --> open the MIDI editor and fix anything that is out of time or the wrong key. It's very simple

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