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    • Is there a joke I'm missing here...???
    • I listened to it a first time, but I can't play it again for some reason. I'll try to remember what I heard for a review: It sounded fine; the source material you had to work with I think gave you a lot of options because the execution in this seemed to stem a lot of different things which made it pretty unique. The voice aspect of the song kind of irked me a little bit, because I no longer really heard the voice as an instrument, or rather, part of the entire experience, I heard it as the kingpin to the song, which is a shame because the background was pretty nice too.   
    • There's a compositional thing I learned a while back that says if you have a voice that holds a tone, and another voice that moves from that same note, it creates tension... in your first movement you might do it too much, to a point where is sounds kind of wrong, which is not what you intended. The polyphony you introduce in these movements is kind of messy sometimes. Not that the notes clash, exactly, but it sounds like two different pieces started playing at the same time, you know what I'm saying. This doesn't apply to all of the movements, of course; the second and last movements do a pretty okay job of combining the sounds, but there's a little bit of compositional glue to tie these together that I'm not hearing. I'm impressed by the overall effort in the score and engraving though!  Cheers;
    • Again, please post scores if you can. From what I extracted, some of these weren't even in B-flat if that's more incentive. From what I could see there was a lot of cool classical writing in them, sticking to some traditional theory as well. Your melodies carried well and never seemed to stray to far from tonality, which was refreshing. While it was nice, the way it was written probably wasn't as you intended it (it said there was a 17/16 bar???). That may just be my program, but I need a little bit more here...
    • This was pretty cool. Each had a distinct style even with relatively limited instruments and that's what made it stand out to me. A little bit of atonality thrown in here and there was really neat as well. I appreciate how there seemed to be some time modulations in there along with the normal changes, too. Maybe a few more unison passages could add to the driving force of some variations. Just a lot of cool things in this piece! I'd love to see a score sometime.
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