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    • Hey man it's all about personal preference. Personally, when it comes to composing I prefer larger ensembles. I wouldn't have a clue what to do if I tried to do what you do. That's your specialty brother, keep at it.
    • I'm good only with horror but I'm practicing and you guys help me a lot!
    • Hans don't feel like that man. Your sound is very unique and you have your own style, trust me I be listening to your stuff and I like what you do. We're all still trying to learn man and I still don't know crap. What the heck are Lydian scales? What the heck is counterpoint? What in Beejeezus name are monotonic, atonic, thread and needles harmonic blah AHHHHH!!!!!! Heck I have a major crush on Monarcheon, will she ever give me the time of day? Probably not...wait...did I just type that out loud? -coughs- anyway...-clears throat- Point is a lot of composers here know a crap load of stuff I WISH I could know so don't let nothing discourage you when something doesn't seem possible. You know on top of reading everyones' advice I also do my own research and while I do practice this new found knowledge I create a piece while practicing so to speak and post it for review to know what could've been done different. You learn quicker like that. Researching here is what I learned: C major chord - C, E, G Intervals: You can tell it's a major chord by counting intervals between notes. Count four from C then count three from E. For instance... C > C#, D, D#, E (Four intervals cause you arrived at E.)  E > F, F#, G (Three intervals.) For a C minor chord the intervals switch. Instead of counting four intervals starting at C, you count three starting from C and you arrive at D# or in other words an E flat. C# in other words is a D flat. So you arrived at an E flat which is a D# Now count four intervals from there and you arrive at G.  I'm not exactly sure what you need help with because you probably know that stuff already but man don't give up bro. I am more than welcomed to answer any question you may have. Btw...the endings to my pieces always sucks.
    • Brilliant. So much fun, it was a pleasure to listen to. I give you three of these
    • Well I've been here for a few months and I've spoken with a lot of you, so I feel connected with you guys and the forums in a way. Figure I'll use that feeling to introduce myself a bit more about things that are not listed in my profile.  Well my first introduction to music was when I was in the second grade and I heard hip-hop for the first time. The first artist I've heard, which should come as no surprise, was Tupac Shakur. I thought this guy was so aggressive but I noticed how unique and different his wordplay was and how he was able to express so much emotion and anger and how he made each of these words rhyme. I found out there were others besides him that also made hip-hop music and for the first time I started writing poetry trying to mimic what these guys were doing. My mother was not a huge fan and was often disappointed in me because I was writing about things that I couldn't necessarily relate to but it felt good.  I approached my vocal music teacher at the time who had the most gorgeous eyes who I had a major crush on and asked her if she could tell me more about hip-hop. She did but she also taught me about other forms of music such as orchestras to which I had no interest in whatsoever at the time until I saw The Nightmare Before Christmas and heard the scores by Danny Elfman.  That was when orchestras became a huge obsession for me but I was young so I didn't know where to start or how to create such a sound. Around my birthday at the age of 12 my dad bought me my first guitar that I had no clue how to play. My focus turned toward this new thing sitting in front of me and I kinda gave up hip-hop and orchestras for a while. That was when I heard bands like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley etc. So I practiced SO hard to try and mimic them but couldn't quite get it. Overtime while I self taught myself I got into the heavier stuff like Slipknot, Green Day, and my goodness Kid Rock! Fast forward a bit I put the guitar down and randomly chose to listen to Bach one day and that reminded me why I was so interested in orchestral music.  With some cash in hand I bought my first computer and was able to purchase my first studio program.. I forget the name, but I used all of the default instruments that came with it. I had NO idea what the heck I was doing (Some of my old stuff can be found in the Incidental forums) so I looked up videos trying to once again mimic other composers but I came to find that by trying to copy them I was building my own unique sound with their influence and ran with it. After a while I just went all out: Ensemble here, record rap music, Play and record rock and metal.. it was just this explosive burst of creative potential that came out and I didn't know how to control it. My first band teacher in highschool was a lady named Rachel and I was in love...I don't know I have a thing for female music teachers hahaha...anyway. She taught me things like chords, melody, harmony, other instruments but for some reason I couldn't keep up with her and got frustrated so I just quit band class and done things on my own...bad move but I was a teen and insecure you know...teenager stuff.  Long story short, I am much older now and I've learned so much from my past to being here with you guys and so my musical abilities have strongly matured in a drastic way and I have a really good grasp on guitar, mix and mastering, orchestral stuff and now here I am. Granted I still have more to learn and that's why I am here. Well...that's it lol.
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