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  • Works With Few Reviews

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    • Andante Cantabile for Two Cellos
      This is a transcription for cello duet of the second movement of a double violin sonata I wrote a long time ago.  An acquaintance who is an amateur cellist very kindly recorded both parts for me so this is his performance.   One of my very few works to have actually been performed :) .  I also attached a Garritan realized version as well.
    • Crow-song
      I enjoyed this.  I assume it's supposed to be an a cappella choral work but it also works very well as a brass ensemble piece.  My only nitpick is that the texture is pretty much homophonic throughout.  A nice contrasting counterpoint section with independently moving vocal lines would be welcome.
    • Passepied for Solo Violin
      Thank you for the feedback Yachar. Looking at the piece, I agree that the melody sometimes becomes quite uninteresting and unfocused. This is something I can improve on in the future.  When writing this piece, I ended up feeling like I needed to keep the melody diatonic, to establish the modality in the first part and to keep the folk style in the second. 
    • Soliloquy for Piano No. 9
      Thanks KJ for your review. I realize that the theme might be more promising than the piece, since it was intended as the beginning of an unrealized sonata! I myself was not entirely satisfied with the final chords (bars 31-4). In fact, after your review, I tried to revise them for almost two hours but came back to the original, being unable to settle on a better alternative. That is perhaps one of the reasons why I almost never revise pieces after I finish composing them. It seems that in this case, and at least as far as I as a composer am concerned, the initial creative judgement is always the right one. But I am more satisfied with the 16th notes which you found distracting. Had I expanded it into a sonata, those 16th notes might have functioned as a second theme. It is unfortunate that the previous piano soliloquies I have posted do not show up. I have posted No.s 4-7 in addition to the No. 8 & 9. I will post the links below hoping that you can access them and look forward to hearing what you think of them. I also look forward to your 3rd soliloquy.      
    • Choir
      Thank you Ken320!
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