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    • 1. Way too many stopping points. I know it's an improvisation, but imagine a concert having like 40 one-minute encores. Wouldn't that get annoying eventually? You hit your stride in the middle where it flowed and was relatively motivic but the end points of the piece were frustratingly irregular. The form in this one is bizarre. A lot of ideas and some came back but I wanted far more coherence from something that stopped to move forward. It's impressionistic to a point. When I heard the Debussy quote I was just ridiculously confused. It sounded out of place... irregular. The whole atmosphere of the piece never stayed in one place; it felt like a mixture, rather than a solution, if you know what I mean. 2. This one was much better. It mostly stayed within the realm of an idea developed. The ending is really strange, considering everything you've had before. Contrast normally also includes the endings of the piece, so consider me simply confused as to how that's a contrast to the first. Perhaps I'd appreciate a little less stopping and starting and more of a style change rather than a tempo one, but for what it's worth it's fine enough.  
    • Hi SOFT is very charming, impressionistic. I like it a lot. Have you written the score or is it an improvisation for "the moment"? Well,  I have an infatuation with scores. But I understand people that don't want to spend time in the score. It's a long piece and beautiful, that's wy I say it. HARD, yes it's contrasting because it's faster and the harmony is a little bit "dissonant" here and there. Nohing to add. The two form a remarkable set.    
    • Yes! it's very funny, nice orchestration. My cat has a different style because he jumps onto the keyboard and plays with "four paws", so the result is polyphonic... Apart from that, I have many animals here and they are sensitive to music, they don't like any kind of music...
    • Two improvisations I recorded yesterday. They are contrasting (in my opinion) - let me know what you think!  I recommend listening to the "Soft" one first. Soft.MP3 Hard.MP3
    • It's interesting how this piece starts off so unassuming, yet you're instantly sucked in. I've heard other pieces try to do this with augmented harp music, but this one did a good job of setting up its rules up front. Subtly changing the "chord" of the piece by minutely focusing on an overtone or soprano note was also very clever, even though it all seemed to revolve around A minor for me. 
      From how you phrase your introduction, it doesn't seem to be intended for any auxiliary purpose, and if that's the case, I think the stark lack of real contrast needs to be addressed pretty heavily. The feel of "repeated time", as I call it, may not technically be in play here in terms of the notes played, but in terms of feel or atmosphere I think it absolutely does.
      For a night, I think you did quite a good job. I would definitely take yourself up on your own offer and add to it; there's a lot of potential here. Cheers!
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