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  • Posts

    • Traveling a Mighty Rocky Road
      It is always a pleasure to listen to your works live. I not live they are amazing too, but live is a super-plus. This piece sounds so familiar... It's funny, I am not an American, but I feel it as a traditional American tune. Of course beatifully harmonised and "counter-pointed". Writing for vocal is something I'd like to do, but I have to study more. I tried to compose some small pieces for 4 voices, but I always tend to dissonance, even atonality, and don't know if it's OK. Anyway this is your work and I love it. Thanks, and thanks to the people that sing it.
    • Traveling a Mighty Rocky Road
      Here's a youtube with midi and the score rolling by...    
    • Traveling a Mighty Rocky Road
      The Needham Congregational Church was nice enough to let me record the choir singing this.  There were only 9 singers that day, but they did a great job anyway!   A piece with a gospel/spiritual/tent revival/Sacred Harp/shape note singing feel.  I had great fun with the three-part women's split towards the end.  To be sung at a slow walking tempo, with a strong accent on the downbeat.  I marked an obnoxious number of breaths to be sure that everyone is breathing in time, to help keep the syncopations and the triplet/duplet structure together.  Liberties can absolutely be taken with the soprano part, if performed by a small group with a strong soloist.     It's a mighty rocky road.  Traveling a mighty rocky road.  "It's a mighty rocky road," she said,  "it goes on forever and ever."     (Sweet water divine.  Sweet Savior of mine.  Oh, my Jesus will find me in time.  Sweet water divine.)   I hear singing down the road.  Can't you hear them singing down the road?  "It's a mighty rocky road," she said,  "it goes on forever and ever."     (Sweet water, etc)   All the saints been down the road, just before me, walkin' down the road.  "See them walking hand in hand," she said,  "though the way goes on forever."  
    • Three Pieces for Keyboard
      The first one has a baroque feeling (perhaps the last part with figures in 6 sound a bit "modern"). The second one sounds more classic to me. And the third one is more clearly romantic. So, I don't see the connection between all of them. I think they work very well as separated pieces. This is something I have also done, and finally I "undo". I mean, I have some pieces and I think they can fit well togheter, I rename them to become a Sonata or whatever.... But with time I understand they doesn't work together, simply because they were concevied as separated pieces. The Prelude in G minor is wonderful. I like more this style than the others. Another isuue, which is a personal choice, is that when I compose a sonata-allegro or anything like that I don't like to repeat exactly any section. I prefer to make variations always. But this is also because I tend to use others styles (with "dissonances", modality, etc...). In conclusion, if the three pieces are part of the same opus number, with no evident relation between them, it's OK. If you fell they are closely connected, it's OK, too. It¡s your choice, of course. Anyway, I enjoy them.
    • Three Pieces for Keyboard
      This is a set of three pieces, though composed individually, that I put together as a single opus number, each reflecting an attempt to compose within a specific style.  The first is a "sonata" akin to the single movement works of Domenico Scarlatti.  It originally started as a possible movement for my harpsichord concerto which I later just used as a stand alone solo keyboard piece.  It is playable for harpsichord or piano. The second is a movement in classical sonata form that was originally an assignment for a music theory class.  It's probably the most "pedantic" of the group being in very tight sonata form.  The last is a romantic style prelude.  It is a piano transcription of the cadenza to the ending of Fantasy for violin and orchestra that I wrote about 5 years ago.Sonata in c minor - score.pdfSonata Movement in A minor - score.pdf  
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