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    • Sometimes I'm a couple cents off, but I'm generally pretty accurate in terms of tuning as well. Sorry, OP, didn't mean to steer the thread off topic.
    • That's not really what I was asking. True perfect pitch is very rare but it is possible to develop a type of pseudo-absolute pitch - for example I can normally guess notes within a major second or so, and I know people who are even better at it, but they can still be mistaken. It is also possible to have such a highly developed ear that you can map out the abstract structure of something without being able to reference any pitch - amd sometimes you can figure out the true pitches through clever deduction (open strings on string instruments are really easy for this, as are throat tones on clarinet). I'm just curious if he really has perfect pitch or just a great ear. As for my composing techniques, I compose through controlled experimentation and deep reflection. I have no pretenses of actually being a composer - even if I knew exactly what I wanted to do, which I don't, I do not have a strong understanding of how to do it. So, at this point in time I am mainly interested in learning through strategic trial and error, so that when inspiration really strikes (not the illusion of inspiration), I will be equipped to realize it.
    • I usually start a piece by finding an idea I want to express, and then based on that I try to make a rough model of the form of the music. I usually start writing the actual music after that point. Sometimes I'll write a melody and build a piece or a section of the piece out of that, sometimes I plan out the harmony first and then write a melody to it, but most often both form together naturally. Probably because I usually compose at the piano. Personally, I usually prefer to not immediately write something down. I like to give an idea some time to change a little bit, until it really sticks. My philosophy with that is if the idea isn't good enough to remember, you can probably come up with something better with time.
    • I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post cadenzas on this forum since a cadenza is an extension of an existing concerto and not a stand-alone work, but I'll put it on here anyway just to see what happens!  :D This is my first attempt at a cadenza I wrote by myself for Mozart's Concerto, which is what I was learning on the violin with my music teacher at the time of writing. EDIT: I posted this under Chamber Music, because I can't find a section for solo instruments beside piano on here.
    • A piano piece I wrote that looks back into my childhood and the good times I had in it.  Sorry that the audio file can get really soft at times.  I put in the right dynamics, crescendos, and decrescendos, and the software decides to be a rebel when recording the playback.  Haha, but enjoy anyway!
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