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    • This is the image I had in my head, a little video.  
    • I personally thought the "repeated time" here was a little long, is all. It functions very closely to sonata format, with the return of the tonic, which was well done here, and length shouldn't really determine the viability of a certain form, for instance the Shostakovich cello sonata (mvts. II and IV). 
    • I thought it fine. But I wouldn't hold an improvisation to the same standards as a piece worked over in order to be published. I thought it worked fine in the small gestures, the falling waterfalls of notes, for example. Mainly, you're playing around with Eb and its relative minor, C, by way of G7. Once in Cm you can get to Fm and AbM very easily, which you did very nicely. I thought Cm was the real root and dominant mood, which was very nice. Thanks for sharing. I don't understand what Monarcheon means by wasted opportunities to change the style. Why would you want to change the style? Maybe he means you didn't have a delineated B section? But this is obviously a sort of meditation and not a sonata, and it's only four minutes long anyway.
    • What you did was use you V/vi chord as a pivot chord to center around D instead of E-flat. You got back to it by using the steps of a chromatic line.
      The beginning was promising. I think you missed out on a lot of opportunities to change the style while you were playing. it increasingly grew monotonous as it mostly the same kind of texture throughout, with exception of the beginning.
      I don't know what smaller parts you could be talking about here. If you're talking about any sort of off-modulation, I could maybe see that but not to the point where I can't observe the whole. Analytically speaking, the whole just doesn't really wow me. While I can't say it doesn't sound nice generally (with exception of a part around 1:47 where you clash B-flats and B naturals in your V chord) it felt like an awkwardly executed sonata form. If you were going to composer off of it, I think this gave you a great starting point, but as it stands, it falls flat for me.
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