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    • Makes a great atmosphere. I was initially worried about the high percussion, but it ended up being supported really well by the rest of the piece. 
      I disagree with LostSamurai in that clashing tones that don't resolve always have their place, and when they glissando into each other, it always affects dynamic levels quite effectively. Nothing stays too long in this piece and that's admirable; maybe change the bass a bit, but otherwise it was quite good.  
    • Hahaha thanks everyone.  
    • Holy... Not only was that terrifying to listen to...but it was also quite intense almost on a film score level. (The fact you used a Night at Freddy's or is that a Silent Hill: The Room picture? Gave me a sense of what you were aiming for here.) I can definitely see this as a part of the game where the player is being chased and forced to make quick decision or suffer the consequence of a lot of jump scares. I will say this though I think there were a few clashing bits but not too overwhelming where it ruins the experience.  Amazing brother.
    • I agree that the percussion entrance was very nice. I would object to the occasional spot where your suspension did not resolve, making it seem like a weird inversion of a chord that doesn't exist. This boasts a much more adventurous feeling that I think is supported well by the instruments.
      I think you should perhaps practice endings a little bit more. They're so uncharacteristically abrupt and I think it's one of the most important parts of the piece! Good work on this.
    • 've just been looking on my computer and discovered I had this piece floating around. It's been a while since I've done a bit of composing, and I'm definitley an amateur at the whole thing with no real formal training except two years of piano, but I've had nothing specifically on music theory except what I've found myself. As I said, I've just started to look at it all again, but I thought I'd put this piece on to see what you lot think and to see if you'v got any feedback. I apologise for the midi quality in advance as well. 'Morning Guard' is the title of the piece, as the first motive first came to me during one morning a long while ago (if I remember correctly), but over time I noticed it sounded a lot like the music of Jeremy Soule from the 'Elder Scrolls' series, and so I just came up with a name that would both fit with that, and would fit with what happens during the piece. I hope you enjoy it.
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