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    • Fugue in 5 Voices
      Ok, first of all, this is awesome. I absolutely LOVE the pipe organ and it's always great to hear new music written for the instrument. I very much enjoyed this. It is quite nice! I will say it felt a little short and when it was over, it was like "Aww... that's it?" I felt like it definitely could have gone on even longer and developed more. Better yet, it could be made into a movement for an epic pipe organ suite! Just my two cents... something to consider possibly? Very nice! :)
    • Soliloquy for Viola No. 5
      This is very nice! It's always great to see the viola getting some cool repertoire. I love the viola. It's been under-represented in the past, imho. I liked the fourth one even better! It's a bit of a different style for me, but very nice regardless. Would be cool to hear a soloist perform this.
    • Sonata For Solo Tenor Saxophone (Needs MAJOR Revision)
      Thanks for the feedback! I think, if you compare the recording to the midi, you might notice a lot of the differences. Especially in the third movement. He had to take a lot of passages down the octave from what was written and even had some almost improvisational moments and I am wondering how playable it is. He couldn't really give me a definitive answer on that because he barely had time to look over it and he practically sight-read the performance (again, that's on me, not him. lol) But my main concern is if there are parts where I am legitimately asking too much of the performer. Another notable case of this is that big scale at the end of the first movement. He wasn't able to take it all the way up to the final note at that speed and volume and I wonder if it was just because of the circumstances of the performance, or if it is just simply too demanding on the instrument?
    • A Synthetic Mind
      I'm glad you brought that up. There is actually a specific reason for that. My composition professor (who was originally quite hesitant to allow this on the program) encouraged me to make many cuts from the piece where there was some more repetition of themes and such. The issue was it ended up being too long that way and it tended to meander a bit, so it feels more concise now, and as of right now I find myself agreeing with my professor's suggestions. There have been some spots here and there where I have debated the possibility of extending them a bit, but I've also had people tell me that each transition feels like it's in just the right place, so, I might just leave it as it is. At least that's where I'm leaning at the moment. I would love to hear a rebuttal from you though. If you feel like I should extend some of the themes in certain areas, tell me why, and you may just persuade me. Because I have considered it before. And thanks for the feedback! Always appreciated! :)
    • The Rambling Strings
      I like it, except one part: the introduction... The sudden change to piano in bar 7 is too strong. The feeling of pedal (F) with those changes major/minor doesn't fit (for me ) with the piece itself. But it is my opinion, nothing more. Some parts in arpeggios remind me Wagner's Das Reheingold's Prelude. I don't know the software you use. I think Finale (ethe one I know) allows to  play properly the indication "second time, all play forte".   Beautiful piece, classical, but nice.