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    • Well, apart from the fact that is nice to listen to this, it supports what I was trying to say in the other part. What a I hear here is a progression of chords with a slap bass and the guitar, and above, the keyboard playing to be in tune, near it, up and down... Like a constant ornament. But a microtonal piece is (I think) something very different. If you treat the keyboard as a polyphonic instrument (playing chords: microtonal chords) the result would be totally different. On the other hand I have no idea about how to build microtonal chords and what relation would have among them, if there is some sort of functional relationship or not. I know a litlle bit atonality and dodecaphony and (in spite what most people think) there are harmonic relationships, different from what we know in tonal music. I suppose microtonalism can have all kind of relation between chords. In other words, if a valid theory on harmony hasn't been describe yet for atonalism, for microtonalism can be the same.
    • Here's the third and final movement to my trio for guitar, bass, and harmonic series keyboard. Please have a listen and leave any comments, feedback, and criticism as all the feedback I've received has been very valuable so far. Above all, I hope you enjoy it.
    • Thank you all for your comments. @Monarcheon I don't know if making the intervals augmented would help, but I'll certainly play around with the idea. I wasn't trying to create much suspense, but rather a relaxing sound. Thank you once again for your very valuable feedback.  @Luis Hernández I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes the guitar and bass are not microtonal, only the keyboard is a retuned midi controller. If they were all tuned to a 32-note scale it would still have the dissonances mentioned as that's how it was written. In fact it would likely sound more "dissonant" because the intervals would be "just" and most people used to 12-TET consider just intervals to sound a bit off (when in fact it's the 12-TET approximations that are detuned). I hope you both check out the third (final) movement of this trio, I'm posting it now. :)
    • Is it complete? I think there are two parts. It sounds baroque-baroque. In spite of the midi sound, I think  it's nice. However I miss some change (the tempo is the same always? I mean, no slower parts). Not sure if there is some sort of modulation, which would give more variation. Here and there I see some strange things: the time signatura in the ending (17/16) is more of the XX century music. For example, in measure 13 the higher voice leaps a descending major seven (odd in this perios, and difficult to sing). Besides    
    • Lovely sound of the accordion in the first one. It absolutelly brings back the French movies. I don't know there, but as I am near France, we see many French movies, and the atmosphere is here. the only thing I'm not sure is the percussion (sometimes only). From 1:40 the "thicker" chords are beautiful. I also think the structure of the little piece is fine. The second soound more "modern". Bu it keeps the same flavor. the sound is again great, sometimes the chords of the acorddion "vibrate" as in the real instrument (with the proper players). Good the introduction of the piano... The third has a catchy melody, nice percussion and bass. Apart from that, the experience is reamrkable. I think the fact of going deep in a particular background (as this one) and express it in music is wonderful. In all the suite is very coherent in style, at the same time each piece is differente. Congrats! I like it a lot, and listening to it made me "dream" a little.
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