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    • Impromptus
      So this uploaded this piece a couple of months ago (original in the archives). I have added an another movement, and I think I can say now that this work is pretty complete (barring some minor revisions). Impromptus are collection of short orchestral pieces that I have written (on a whim basically) in the past year and a half. They consist of short movements each with a unique mood and form. The 3rd movement (the Berceuse) was inspired by a theme by Christian Perrotta (I'll link his original theme below). The instrumentation is fairly the same throughout the whole piece. Let me know what you guys think, and thanks for listening/commenting!   Christian's theme: (Challenge No. 4)    
    • Humoresque
      I don't listen to Shostakovich and never have. I 'm not familiar with the other fellow you mention either. Sorry that the humor was lost on you. I think you are defining its parameters a bit too rigidly.
    • Passepied for Solo Violin
      I hadn't considered modality to be a strong goal here, so my feedback lacked that element. If you are going for the simple modality of folk music, that often uses a burdon to establish it, then certainly. But even modal music started using leading tones and chromatic motion as it got more complex, pretty soon. (Take a look at any 16-17th century italian harpsichord music for example) 
    • Andante Cantabile for Two Cellos
      Really good work here! I love the theme the opens the work, and it's subsequent development. Maybe it's me, but I think you should have reprised the beginning theme one last time towards the end. I agree with MonaracheonAan that the 1st cello part should be in tenor clef during those high parts. As for the bowings, I think players can come up with whatever they are comfortable with on their own (as demonstrated in the wonderful live recording)
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