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    • While there is something to be said about finding music in the world around you, I was taught it should always still be coherent, even if atonal. For that reason, I find "Nolito" much more musical; it was written by you, under inspiration. Similarly, I am a firm believer that animals are quite capable of understanding sound in such a way wherein it can be considered music for either party, but "Nole", to me, was a relatively unwelcome mix of the two cultures. Part of the composer's job is to make the sounds you hear meaningful, not simply by adding something to it to justify what you've recorded. 
      That's just "Nole" though. Nolito was quite charming and had some wonderful altered tones to accompany the bass harmonies. It was pleasant and mysterious enough to retain attention. 
    • I have some cats and dogs with me (7 in total). Sometimes I write music thinking of them. But this cat of mine, called Nole, is fond of composing now and then. What it's not easy is to capture his ideas..., when I am quick, I record his improvisations (atonal, of course) in my software. He's not bad..., I tried to theach him harmony but he's mainly self-taught. The right hand of this piece is by him. It's funny I can identify which paws or legs ("patas") he's using every moment. The left hand (harmony) is mine. Am I crazy? Well, music comes from everywhere.   The other little piece (NOLITO) is entirely mine, this time yes: thinking of him. He's the most enigmatic of my pets.
    • Oh, I loved this. I'd love to play with an N64 soundfont. So much nostalgia. 
    • @Luis Hernández Thanks I'll take an in depth look at the sheet later. @Monarcheon I use FL Studio which I'm not sure if it has a score export I haven't really checked that out. I thought about getting Finale when I can afford it. Ah ok. I thought I had to add a E key under the F chord...crap. I'll remember this next time around. Thanks guys.
    • See, this is where a score would be nice, haha. Are you sure your program doesn't have a score export?
      IV/iii, technically really isn't a thing in the way I told you. The progression technically is I - V - IV - vi, with the vi chord functioning as that strange little anomaly there. 
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