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    • Impromptus
      The march is my favorite out of the bunch but they are all wonderful.  I hope you have an opportunity to have this performed someday.
    • Andante Cantabile for Two Cellos
      Thanks for the comments and suggestions!  I will be sure to correct the score to use the tenor clef in the higher parts (it was just a straight up transposition from the original violin score).
    • Absolute Music And Program Music
      when thinking of music evoking pictures or movies in the Mind's Eye. It means it has made connections through different brain mediums. Now this isn't always the case when listening music, sometimes the music only comes to my feelings, and i dont imagine seeing anything in my Mind's Eye. Sometimes yet another brain function gets activated, the Mind's Ear, mostly on a bit meaningless music(is it still music then? or just logical chords? or am i not concentrated?), which is a bit dull and low action, i make it more interesting in my head by soloing on it. There is also music when i Listen to it, I want to dance to it, There is also music, mostly crazy modern stuff, where i like to think, I was on Codarts once, and was listening to a compositions students piece, which went like GRRRR.. pzzzztttt grzzzzttt psss,(soundscape) all in crazy metalic sounding scratches. my mind went to this: how would it be to be a microchip in a computer, seeing vague structures in front of me, and thinking about this subject very specifically, i could concentrate about the subject, because it was present in the surrounding sound.there was nothing else for 20 minutes, I think music can place you on certain thinkingpaths. it can also give you some sort of Morale, think about the ancient battles where they used drums to make the soldiers braver and fear less pain. and this Morale is an important part of the music, because, its a feeling, and a mindset, where you dont need to have words for.  So we see all these things happening to us listening to ''music''. are all of these sounds music?, all these different reactions caused by the music? since, some of them are able to be put in images, and then again transformed to words, some music could then be translated in words per person, but some music gives us feelings which is harder to describe, and then there is music we want to dance on, why would you even want to put that into words, then you won't dance anymore. the music makes yo do it right?.another thought, if you listen to a piece, and you go through different emotions, you can have words let you go through the same emotions, it is possible probaly, would it be the same then, would the piece and the book relate to eachother? or would it not? I dont know too much, about the topic, but enlighten me, does it make sense what i said? i think music speaks, to a lot of neuro things. 
    • Impromptus
      So this uploaded this piece a couple of months ago (original in the archives). I have added an another movement, and I think I can say now that this work is pretty complete (barring some minor revisions). Impromptus are collection of short orchestral pieces that I have written (on a whim basically) in the past year and a half. They consist of short movements each with a unique mood and form. The 3rd movement (the Berceuse) was inspired by a theme by Christian Perrotta (I'll link his original theme below). The instrumentation is fairly the same throughout the whole piece. Let me know what you guys think, and thanks for listening/commenting!   Christian's theme: (Challenge No. 4)    
    • Humoresque
      I don't listen to Shostakovich and never have. I 'm not familiar with the other fellow you mention either. Sorry that the humor was lost on you. I think you are defining its parameters a bit too rigidly.
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