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    • I can't keep from laughing at the voice you make in Gremlin! Rest assured I'm laughing with you I enjoy that one quite a bit. I have to echo Monarcheon's remarks about A Night with a Florist though. It's honestly quite difficult for me to make sense of. I'm usually reluctant to make this criticism of other people's music simply because I'm sometimes unsure if I'm just failing to grasp the harmonic choices being made, but it seems like you wrote the different parts separately while neglecting to ensure that they fall into the same overarching harmonic progression. I could be wrong since I don't know what your creative process here was, but that's the impression it gave me. As for myself, I'm prone to making the opposite mistake. Hence my uncertainty about pointing this out. As for Fall of the Gorge, my only real problem with it is the chimes annoy me to death. I hate over-use of chimes. I do like the character of the piece though. If my ears fail me not, I think I hear in the brass some major chords that seem to clash with the ostinato occurring also in the brass. I like that though. I have developed a fondness for having the chords conflict somewhat (or muchwhat) with the notes being played in the melody or other elements of the music. It didn't work so well in Florist but here it's golden to me. Around the 50 second mark though the part that is introduced there (with the piano and such) seems out of place. The effect it has isn't so bad though, and the transition back to the style you started in comes swiftly afterwards. I'd say you could cut it out but that would take out the only bit of variety that was in there. So I'd suggest instead that you lengthen it and add whatever else you can to it to essentially transform it into an independent "B section" of sorts. It might really spruce up your music to have a whole other section in there with additional material. Just my somewhat lengthy 2 cents on the matter.
    • I love the electric guitar solos. Did you record that using live equipment? because if not they sound really natural.
    • Whenever I hear the strings it seems like they start to rise but then I am left waiting for them to go even higher but they just...stop and repeat. I'm curious when you say "Playback for TV" is this something you plan on using for a show or film?  
    • Gremlin: Very convincing. The style was done mostly okay, but only slightly seeming to neglect the occasional use of Locrian scales in music. I thouroughly enjoyed it.  Florist: Odd... it wasn't really supported rhythmically or harmonically. It seemed to be clashing two different styles and the result was a bit confusing. Forge: Also another one with competing styles, but this one was a little more fluid? Parts seemed to support each other rather than being sequestered.   
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