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    • I was asked to make strange music for an Alice in Nightmareland style game.
    • I love the variation and instrumentation but when I try to imagine an image or landscape it changes quickly and I am forced to imagine something different immediately. I hear a lot of ideas that can be pieced together as one, however everything compliments each other neatly. Around 5:50 onward I hear a lot of darker themes that remind me of Danny Elfman hahaha. The full sound is very present here which is always a good thing and there was never a dull moment, repeated or waiting time. Overall I think it sounds amazing.
    • This is my first symphony, but I didn't want to call it #1 because that's kind of boring and I don't know if there will be a second or a third. So it's a concept symphony. And the concept is to evoke imagery through music using only the music and a single hint contained in the title. The real imagery takes place in the listeners' mind through his or hers' unique beliefs and experiences. I had thought to annotate the score with scenery changes. But that would make it operatic and would cheat the listener out of the pleasure of creating their own scenarios. I've only got a couple of months to do complete this with two or three more movements, so I will be focusing on creating the music in one shot rather than cleaning the score and cutting into that time. I could use your help with ideas for the other movements. The concept is that one entity, person, place or thing, witnesses something of some importance. For example, the American Buffalo has been and always will be an icon, and we can only imagine it's world as if we could ride them like horses. We only have our imagination, and, well, books. So, the last two movements will be in the form, "What the fillintheblank SEES," then finally, "What the fillintheblank WILL SEE." That covers all of the tenses, past, present and future. Any ideas?
    • here is a piece for two violins and one cello.  thoughts, feedback, and ideas welcome. trio_no._1.mid
    • Pleasant. Initially I wasn't very sure of the B section, but you carried it through quite nicely. Am I missing something in the notation or do some of your rolled GM7 chords have an F natural in them? Anyway, a very sweet addition to the suite.
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