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    I studied music composition formally, as well as in depth study on guitar, piano and percussion. I have played professionally with several ensembles, mostly popular music, in both Chicago and New York. I enjoy performing, recording and writing music, learning new possibilities, keeping up with fantastic new music technologies. I have done extensive work with electronic music, but now I am focusing on more traditional music and the wonders of orchestration.
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    At this point I have no favorites anymore. Although I never tire of baroque and good popular music. I also enjoy many modern film composers, and cinema.
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    Improvisational, cinematic, experimental, methodical
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    Sibelius 7, MOTU 9.12
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  1. It sounds authentic and the simplicity works fine. I never get tired of love songs and this is a good one. It always seems especially intimate when a young girl's heart is given voice in a song. The innocence is captured in the chaste encounters. Here are a few suggestions you may have already considered. Bar 7 loses some motion and I feel like it should have a chord or passing tone on the 3rd beat, or a rest. see pic. You have a nice thing going with the "never spoke a word" but chose not to rhyme it, which is puzzling. However, I can't see a way of rhyming it though without changing the whole darn thing. You've got there and hair. Heard and word is a possibility, which would be great, but then you'd lose there and hair.
  2. It's a fun little ditti. It reminds me of the jingle for Slinky. Bar 23 segue is a little uncomfortable. Maybe try a G7 before going in to D major? Bar 24 is not playable even at half the tempo, the jumps are too big.
  3. Frankly, the B section lacked a certain panache in the rendering of the blip blip blip motif. A little uneven, but no doubt you will straighten it all out in a future version.
  4. I agree with M about the arc. This work is reminiscent of Michael Nyman's score for The Piano, which itself was static in the long haul. But he wasn't encumbered by the bass line you chose. I think you could keep almost everything here as is, but change up the bass line and simply reduce the number of repetitive octaves and replace them with anything but. A minor 9th, here and there perhaps. But in general I like it.
  5. I got about a minute and a half in. That's what I call a drive-by critique. I've gotten one or two. They're not very pleasant.
  6. I like this a lot. You are a very gifted improviser! I liked the jazz parts @:30 for example more than the Chopinesque parts but it was all really fine.
  7. I was just trying to get you to clarify your wishy washy statement. Just in general doesn't really help either.
  9. Not at all. You cannot substitute a plural designation for a personal pronoun. The "entity" wants it pinned down or eliminated entirely. Either position is entirely a political grievance.
  10. Which part? Acquiescing to his/her/its requests, or having the requests made in the first place?
  11. They are rhythmically the same. But a player will appreciate, and expect, syncopated figures written using ties. It's not a stylistic thing, it is common practice. Seeing two consecutive dotted quarter notes back to back in 4/4 time is a little confusing, that's all. I hope this helps.
  12. Sounds very good. The harp glissandos are straight out of Taxi Driver, though. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  13. I liked 60 more than 55.A lot of energy suitable for action scenes. It has propulsion and even humor and builds nicely.
  14. Taking you at your word that you have never composed before, I would say that it's pretty good. It has some interesting parts and some not so interesting. You make good use of 1st and 2nd endings. However, sometimes 2nd endings seem wasted whereas repeating a section "with variations" can be more interesting. Bar 10 would be better written as (see pic). But the biggest problem I see are the repeated notes. These make the music sound static and would be very boring for a player, and listener. And not very idiomatic for an oboe engaged in a duet. The parts should be of equal interest. I would suggest changing the repeated notes to chord outlines at least, or a proper counter melody.
  15. Frank, take a deep breath … Ok. my complaint was basically that you didn't do your due diligence before posting. How am I supposed to give your work a fair shake when your MIDi rendering was completely raw? Is it my job to imagine your nuance, if any? Every single note fortissimo. I'm thinking, does this thing go all the way though like this? And it did, so I gave up and gave you a bad review. You said it yourself that you are working on fixing the velocity. You should have fixed it before posting, is my point. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. You were impatient. The same goes for a monotonous mechanical rhythm. I would say this to anyone here: don't write disclaimers about your music and then expect the listener to fill in the blanks with his or her own imagined nuance, and still get a good review. If you're working with MIDI it's a lot more work than you might be used to. Enough of my pet peeves... Other members here were positive and constructive about your work, and I hope that you will thank them for it. Deep breath ... Ken