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  1. Here's a song I wrote for my uncle. He's an excellent surfer. I admire him and wanted to write a song about him, so I did. This is done with Supersax voicing. It's a matrix of applying harmony. It's like a geometric thing that supports itself. idk.
  2. Here are a couple of solos I've done for Steely Dan's Black Friday. The solos are at the end of the score.
  3. Here's an arrangement of My Old Kentucky Home for Saxophone. Original composition by Foster, performed and arranged by David Harper
  4. Thanks Monarcheon. Chorus four is meant for you. It's the old style.
  5. Here are some written solos for Doxy. The score is consistent, while the audio files are segmented. The song is by Sonny Rollins The audio accompaniment is provided by Jamey Aeborsold.
  6. Score updated with lyrics. I've added rests for the singers to help the strength of the piece. Let me know what you think of the lyrics. It's mostly text painting. I like the turn out. Loved the process. Was really fun.
  7. Here's a Reharmonization of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. I made it sustaining a line that is always going up in the Bass. While doing so it allows for a lot of freedom with the chords you want to use. Also, Reharmonization brings up the topic of overlistening. Two types: one that can't stand the change, and those who have heard the song a million different times and want to hear something new.
  8. You're right; I didn't think of that. What about two voices, a male and a female, to sing to each other. I imagine a change in color throughout the song.
  9. ohu Pate! This will be too much fun! :D
  10. Cheers! Turns out there is no counterpoint at the 10th. I did all the right things with the intervals, only I left the invertible out. I will definitely come back to this piece when I'm not so wrapped up in other things. Thanks Adrian! That will not only come in handy for this piece, but for the things I write in Finale in the future.
  11. Cool! Have you considered doing an acapella version of this? I want to hear the melody in other voices, or my ear was lending to that. Very cool.
  12. Yeah, the 4/8 time signature is growing on me. Thanks for that. Any tips on writing lyrics? I want to do something along the lines of "So you want to write a fugue" with less satire.
  13. I've posted a 4/8 time signature change. I honestly don't like how the groupings are, but this is starting to look more like a choral work like this. Is there anyway to change the groupings of the notes and still keep 4/8?
  14. Adrian, I've posted an update on the piece. Check version 223. I've taken your advice and sped up the tempo to gravitate around 92 beats per minute, but the eighth note still gets the beat. It was around High School that I found that the eighth note can also get the pulse. As students of music, they will have to learn eventually that this is a possibility. I'm just worried about ranges. I'm prepared to tell them to just take it down an octave if they can't get it.