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  1. Russian Waltz

    Hi everyone! This is an orchestral waltz that I've composed a few years ago, but it was only now when I got back to the piece again and I re-arranged it for a 35 piece orchestra which will play it on a film music festival in Bratislava in October. Hopefully, you'll like it, let me know please! :)
  2. Dážď(Rain)

    Thank you so much! :)
  3. Dážď(Rain)

    Thank you very much for your very constructive comment! :) is there anywhere i can listen to your piece in the similiar style that you've mentioned? :)
  4. Dážď(Rain)

    Hi everyone! This is a kind of a minimalist piano piece of mine. It§ s called "Rain" because of the free form and due to the fact that except for the recurring theme, it is heavily improvised and it is supposed to remind of raindrops. I hope you will like it!
  5. Hey everyone! This is a piece I composed in the style of the soundtrack of the Spyro the Dragon playstation1 series for which Stewart Copeland, the legendary Police drummer has composed the soundtrack. As kids, we used to play these games a lot with my siblings, apart from the wonderful gameplay, funny moments or great graphics, It was also the music stat stood out for me. I only recently found out that it was Stewart Copeland who composed this wonderful soundtrack. This music influenced me in a big way I think, because I really loved listening to it ever since a little kid. And so I decided to compose something in that style. Something original with the vibe of the game´s soundtrack and I gave it to my sisters as a Christmas gift :-) I recorded the whole piece with my Yamaha Motif FX8 synth using all the sounds from there, pretty cool synth! Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/oliver-nosaczynski-bohovic/spyro-the-dragon-style-theme-tribute-to-stewart-copeland
  6. Christmas song for bells

    Thank you for your comment! You're right about the passing tones interfering but I felt it sounds somehow natural to me that way. It's strange but to me it works better that way. When I was writing the piece I tried both ways, I followed the E major chord with the melody but then I realized I like the melody in E minor more while the "bass" is playing E major, it somehow works for me and I get this dreamy kind of mood. And yes the bells don't line up all that well all the time but I didn't want to quantize it in any way, I felt like this is what it would sound like if the real people played it. Of course you can always get more precise, more synchronization but the bells sound just good to me this way, it's more "alive" I guess, so at this point it's intentional. And I guess you also refer to 1:47 which actually was a mistake when I overdubbed the E note in one of the bell sections, I didn't realize that until I was almost done with the mixing but when I heard it I thought it doesn't sound bad at all, so I just kept it. :) Thanks anyway!
  7. Christmas song for bells

    Thanks man! I'm glad you feel like that about it :)
  8. Christmas song for bells

    Thank you so much! :)
  9. Christmas song for bells

    Hi Everyone, this is a Christmas piece I composed about two years ago, just a simple piece for bells, but I think the melody is catchy and has a Christmas-feel to it, so I hope you'll like it. Merry Christmas everyone!
  10. The Sea (Arrangements by Ken320)

    Thank you so much! I'm very happy it has the feel that it was supposed to have, Ken did an amazing job with the arrangements too, I was very surprised in the best way! :)
  11. The Sea (Arrangements by Ken320)

    Hi Everyone! I've already posted this piece before, in chamber music as it is a piece for solo guitar, but this is a new version, arranged by Ken Nickels-Ken320. He did a fantastic job and it's my pleasure to share our collaboration with you! The piece has been shortened from 11:38 to 6:44 but it really hasn't hurt anything :) the video is also made by Ken :) Please let me know how you like it :)
  12. More(The Sea)

    Thank you so much! You would be very welcome to come and listen :)
  13. More(The Sea)

    Thank you so much Luis! :) I'm happy you like the sound. It's a Gibson L4a acoustic guitar and we used 3 mics for it :)
  14. More(The Sea)

    Thank you Sojar, yes I think so too. It's very much for relaxation but I think that compared to most ambient pieces for relaxation, this is more progressive :)
  15. More(The Sea)

    Thank you very much Ken! I'm so happy you find it evocative cause that's what I feel too :)