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  1. Yes, but only slightly. Everyone normally has some sound issues unless it's a live performance.
  2. Yes, so anything from cave painting to oil on canvas to sculpture qualifies. I encourage you too! I think it's quite a bit of time this time and a suite of 9 pieces is definitely not necessary. :)
  3. Each sketch is written in a day, and there are three sketches per suite, so about 3 days total.
  4. Thanks everyone! I was thinking I was too, but I only wrote it that way predicated by some other acts I'd seen in the past. Sooooooo, I thought the piece was too boring on its own so I threw some in there. However, I will say that some of those are just arpeggiated chords rather than grace notes. Thanks again!
  5. The inconsistent eighth note pattern is kind of distracting, but that has no bearing on the actual piece. The F#dim held for two bars is a little strange in the first phrase is a little bit off putting, and sounds non-functional, even though it resolves later, but by that point it's a little bit too late, the sentiment is there. In the polyrhythmic part, the only chord that was really off was the E - G - A - B arpeggiation. It's just the spacing that was a little weird. I would have had appreciated more variation in the progression as well. It goes on a little bit too long in the same way. It does capture what you want I think, though, at least in principle. The sound effect use was interesting too.
  6. Whoa that last note, what? Anyway, more so than jazz, it had a bit of a ragtime feel. You're going to want to experiment with more chord extensions with not such a clear tonicized bass line at all times. Syncopation is key, with some element of it sounding like it was improvised, as that's definitely a major part of how the genre started. What's here is fine, there are some weird inversions/spacings of chords here and there, but I'm just not totally convinced it was what you were going for. Cheers---
  7. You don't have to use the Hartmann pictures. You can use any piece of visual art.
  8. As do I, but idk if im judging yet.
  9. Haha a little bit, are you enetering?
  10. Fair enough, just let me know!
  11. YOUNG COMPOSERS COMPOSITION COMPETITION Summer of 2017 Welcome to the 2nd official summer competition! It’s a time to go outside and see the sun, concerts, murals, dance, and all things relaxing, and we’re hoping to capture the essence of that for this competition. Modest Mussorgsky famous wrote his piece, “Pictures at an Exhibition”, written after Viktor Hartmann’s paintings of travel were shown at an exhibition in his honor. While some are lost, we’ve been treated to many different musical renderings of different art in the past, including literature, art, and even dance, retrospectively. This competition will have composers engage in all kinds of art in new ways, and create new works that cross and defy different mediums and genres! GOAL: Create a suite of 4-9 pieces based on different works of visual art (painting, oil on canvas, sculpture, architecture, etc.), a la “Pictures at an Exhibition”. These works of art should be connected in some way, though this criteria requirement is arbitrary by design to encourage the creativity of composers. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: *Be a member of YC. *Signal your desire to enter by September 10th by commenting on this thread. *Submit your entry by September 13th, provided you signaled your desire to entry correctly. *At the time of submission, submit an audio mockup (MIDIs are acceptable). *We also want members of this site to volunteer their time to judge. If you do volunteer, I ask that you have some working knowledge of art and orchestration. *One piece per composer. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: At the time of submission submit a PDF with: *all art works used, labeled with the artist and the date. *a short, written description of the criteria linking the art you chose. *a written description of the relevance of each artistic work to each movement. Your piece should include: *5-10 short movements all labeled with the titles of each work at the top of each. *Any ensemble you desire. *A run time of no less than 5 minutes and no more than 45. SCORING: Met the minimum/maximum art piece requirement (disqualification if invalid) Submitted a PDF with all the necessary materials (disqualification if invalid) Sound orchestration /15 Good art -> music relevance, according to the composer and judge, individually /15 Sound quality of recording /10 Score quality /10 Please let me know if you’d like to enter as a participant or judge in the comments. Good luck! For composers who want to compete but aren't totally sure about art, this is a good guide to start: Entrants: 1. Noah Brode 2. bkho (potential) 3. Maarten Bauer 4. punintentional Judges: 1. Ken320
  12. 1. Horn in C, huh? 2. Your horn doesn't really play what you have written rhythmically. 3. You should use a key change to C major/F major instead of keeping the C minor one. 4. C major doesn't really capture the point of humanity in that play? 5. It also doesn't have a lot of drama, especially from a live performance. I think the orchestration can either be more rich or more fluid in each of the devil sections. Contrast is important, as is the composer's job to think about audience complacency. I think your ideas are cool, they just need to go further!
  13. Occasionally there were places like around 1:10 where you have a m9 or a P11 resolution to another chord tone already in the chord, which sounded a bit awkward only having one voice do it. I also do kind of agree it got a bit growly and "epic" (more, the genre) for a whisper as well. Sometimes the bass voicing was a little less cinematic to serve a more functional purpose, so there are costs and benefits to both. Cheers---
  14. I do really like the first one. Just because of the time limit it felt the most arc-like, as opposed to the other two which felt just a bit stilted.
  15. The descriptions of the competitions are purposely vague so that one cannot pre-prepare for the official rules.