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  1. I think sometimes we have so present the classic Forms and its essentials (parts A, B, C.. that complete a cycle) that when we listen to something different, as don't get what we expect, it seems odd. But, sinceriy, I don't see this symphony as a ABAB form or whatever, at least once I've listened to it...
  2. Wow. What a great, nice job. This Form works fine with this language. And I think you've fulfilled the expectations of the Mosaic Form (every part is part of a cointinuum with no beginning-no end). I'm glad you've used this contemporary harmony. Very well balanced, it's modern enough but it has also a classic feeling. I suppose you studied that Stravinsky's symphony... The score is full of indication, as it has to be. Congrats! I love it.
  3. The result is nice. Yes, the last chord is a bit odd in this context. I'm not afraid at all of hearing a Fmaj7/D, but if all the piece is tonal and functional, it makes less sense a chord like this at the very end. Besides, the interval is quite big. I think Monarcheon is right in the suggestions. In that sense, for example, the last part m 25-31 would be a chance to enrich your chords (not only octaves).
  4. This is another little piece of the suit about my cat activities. This time about the hunting. Yes, I prevent them to do it, and kill little birds, etc... Nature. I've written more pieces but I won't upload them all. This is just one last example. It's funny to compose thinking of them.
  5. i love this pieces! They create distinct atmospheres. And I like the way you mix classic and modern instruments, and techniques.
  6. I suggest the online course by Alan Belkin on youtube, who explains it wonderfully with lots of examples. I my own words: you start with a strong chord (of the tonality) and finish (the phrase, etc...) with another one. In the middle you write chords that can be very chromatic. Of course, there are many techniques for this. On the other hand, it's a question or taste. I don't think the notes are badly chosen..., I put them on purpose and I like the result. I believe anything is possible in music, and there is nothing wrong per se. You like it or not, that's all.
  7. Yes. Very nice work. It's never boring and sometimes surprising.
  8. Well, that's the "rule" but even Bach didn't follow it sometimes. Yes, surely those G# and F# can be seen as passing non chord tones, but he could have followed the descending scale as it was supposed, but he didn't:
  9. Hi, I don't feel qualified to work with large orchestra and, additionally, this is not one of my goals (considering I'm an amateur). I know it's hard to cover every taste and need, but the fact I prefer some more contemporary styles puts me off.
  10. I really enjoy it. It's peaceful and evocative, a bit sad (I like that). As a standalone piece it could be what you say but it also reminds me of film music. I understand you well about the classic Forms. In fact, some months ago I started exploring and working with other kind of Forms.
  11. You know? This is really dense regarding embellishment. I think it's very good. But it would depend on the context. As a piece alone, yes, this is too much. In the context of a concert when, in a particular moment, somebody plays this, surely it is fine.
  12. I like the pieces. But in terms of "economy" (sorry but I always have it in mind, don't know why) I'm not sure if eight players are needed here. Considering the whole set sound together just a few bars... Probably the same effect would be reached with a quartet... Anyway, the octet would make sense in a program with more pieces... Nice sounds, too (the virtual instruments).
  13. It's really nice, but I agree with Maarten. This is like a da capo part in an aria but the "normal" version or exposition is lacking. Perhaps introducing it with a less ornamented version of the melody can help the listener to be situated. The melody is very well known and I guess that because of that, most people would appreciate the variations. Anyway I thinks it's not a bad idea what I said. But it's up to you...
  14. This is so nice. Dreamy and with beautiful contrasts (the trumpet at 1:00). The combination of instruments sounds good.
  15. Thanks. My cats are three Norwegian Forest Cats and ona Maine Coon, all male. Yes, I put a symbolic image in the score....