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  1. To me the simplest solution is to use metronome marks (you'll need one at the beginning in order for this to work). I would do it like so: Turn the next measure into a 5/4 bar. Take your old metronome mark and multiply it by 1.5 (so if the old quarter note = 60 then the new one would = 90). Add the new metronome mark above your 5/4 bar. With this, the new quarter notes should be the same speed as the old triplet quarter notes. If this wasn't what you meant, you could adapt this; simply make the time sig the number of beats you want, and multiply the old speed by the ratio you want (so, in this case, I think you wanted the new speed to be 3 quarter notes for every 2 in the old speed, so 3/2 = 1.5). If you don't have a metronome mark at the beginning, I'd suggest you add one anyway just to help with clarity in sections like this. Hope this helps!
  2. To expand on this, while parallel voice-leading can very occasionally work (see for example Tavener: God Is With Us), it is almost always used as an effect and not to produce a full choral sound (which I think you're striving for). More complicated voice-leading often makes the writing sound both fuller and more interesting; the so-called "rules of voice-leading" (i.e. no parallel 5ths or 8ves, double the root of the chord etc.) exist because they help produce a good sound in practice. Hope this helps!
  3. The YC wiki seems to have been dead for over a year now, and I would like to clean it up and try and get some life into it. Unfortunately, I can't create an account in it (only admins can do that), meaning I can't edit anything, let alone properly clean it up. Is there a way that I could get an account on it? I think that after a bit of editing, it would make a handy resource/reference for people on this site.