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  1. Thank Mark101! I didn't find better title for my piece. :) Do you have any suggestion?
  2. This is my new piano music, I hope you'll like it. Please share your opinion with me!
  3. Thank you Noah! :) Unfortunately I'm not a professional mixing and mastering engineer, maybe the mixing and the mastering is not so perfect, but I hope, it's not too annoying. :)
  4. Hello, Let me introduce my new track, its title is "The Snake Charmer". It includes ethnic instruments and classical orchestral instruments also. I'm interested in your opinion. https://soundcloud.com/mardumusix/the-snake-charmer
  5. Hello, This is my new track. I hope you'll like it! https://soundcloud.com/mardumusix/cataclysm
  6. It's better, than most of music from this site. Some keystroke I feel too hard, too tough.
  7. Hello, This is my new track. https://soundcloud.com/mardumusix/cold-planet
  8. Hello, this is my new song about Spring. I'm sorry if I'm late. :D I didn't have much time to write music these days. I hope, you'll like my new work, please write your opinion in comment! https://soundcloud.com/mardumusix/oliver-kovacs-spring-is-coming
  9. Hello, This is my new drum n bass track, I hope you'll like it. I'm really interested in your opinion, write in comment! Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/mardumusix/anxiety
  10. Let me introduce my new soundtrack about the time travel. I hope, you will like it! Please share your opinion, it you would like to! Thanks!
  11. Hey Guys, This is my new creations. I really interested in your opinion, please write in comment! Thanks!
  12. Hello, This is my new song about 1984 novel. I hope, you'll lik it! Write your opinion in comment, if you want.