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  1. Thank you! You won't believe it, but it can also be very hot in Holland! I didn't know why I associated this melody with the Summer, but now I know it: dizziness. I am glad you like it.
  2. Haha! Very weird!
  3. Hi Luis, Nice composition! I like the rythms and the tone colours you use. It has a swinging mood. I would like to know why the piece is called Labyrinth. Maarten
  4. Very playful! I liked it. Maybe try to develop the theme(s) more and lengthen the piece qua duration. For me the piece does not sound finished.
  5. Hi Luis, Thank you for sharing your opinion. About the triplets: I firstly called the piece ''In Trans'' (In trance), so I inteded the repeating rythm to get in a sort of trance. Now, because it has to help me to fall asleep, I haven't changed the rythm. I am glad you enjoyed it!
  6. Hi everybody, The last months I have some problems with falling asleep. I always listen to baroque music, because it gives me rest. I suddenly got the idea to compose a simple piece so that I can easily fall asleep. For me Marimba sound very dreamy. The repetitions can be repeated as much as the musicians want it. The piece is called ''Welterusten,'' which is Dutch for Good Night. Welterusten.pdf Tell me what you think! Maarten
  7. Hi all, This is the third movement of the Seizoenen* Suite for solo Piano, which is called Zomer.** *Seasons. **Summer. The Summer is for me the period, when I can relax. In this period we namely have a long school break (6 / 7 weeks). I wanted to let this association with the Summer sound in the music. Feedback would be very nice! Maarten M.Bauer - Suite for Piano''Seizoenen'', Op.28 III. Zomer.pdf
  8. Wow, it's amazing! Unfortunately, I am no singer, nor am I familiar with choral writing, so I provide you feedback about the technical aspects. In my opinion, there is a clear balance between dissonance and consonance. Some dissonances seem hard for my ear to place, but the consonances give a resting place in the music. Besides, the soundfont you used, sounds very realistic indeed! I'd love to hear more works! Maarten
  9. Very joyful! Nice playing @Monarcheon Well done!
  10. Hi everybody, The last weeks I am focussing on instrumentation and orchestration. I wanted to arrange a clear Haydn sonata for a small orchestra with 2 natural horns and 2 oboes. The full name of the sonata: Piano sonata in D major, Hob. XVI: 37. Beautiful recording by Eschenbach: I wanted to keep the atmosphere of the sonata, which is very energetic, but not complicated. Because this is for practice, I only arranged the exposition of the first movement. Score, which I used: Haydn - Piano Sonata in D Hob. XVI;37.pdf M.Bauer - Small Orchestral Arrangement for Haydn Piano Sonata Hob. XVI;37.pdf I'd love to hear your feedback! Maarten
  11. Beautiful piece. I really enjoyed it and in my thoughts I was dancing in a field full of dendelions! Well done! Maarten
  12. Very, very nice! I like the flute vs. trumpet part and the drum rythm is very pleasant too. The trumpet part sounds a little bit too monotonous for me after a while. In my opinion, this is one of your best works I have heard so far. Keep up the good work! Maarten
  13. No words for it. The music perfectly fits the film. Bravo.
  14. Wow, very impressive. I enjoyed it. To be honest, I don't have any critique considering orchestration, harmony etc.. . . Maybe that's because I am no professional composers. I like all the compositions, the third one sounds like Harry Potter, but that can be my experience. Although I have no critique about your ''technique,'' I have some about the more originality. I doubt if I hear your voice. I hear many influences, but I think the pieces lack a sort of originality. This is just my opinion and I found that you need to know it. Very well done!
  15. Wow! Thank you for sharing this. Very interesting and very well done! I like the multiple stops and contrast between arco and pizzicato. Maybe you can add more structure to your next compositions. It helps me to finish compositions and I get a clear overview of where the music goes. Good luck! Maarten