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  1. Thank you for posting! I like how you use the characteristics of the bass clarinet. The music is nice too. I enjoyed it!
  2. Thank you! I am very pleased that you like the Suite!
  3. Hello everybody, I have finally finished my Suite ''Seizoenen'' for Solo Piano (Op.36). Dutch: Seizoenen = Seasons. Maybe you have already heard some movements, but I wanted to post the composition in its complete version. This composition is set in four movements each presenting a season. I tried to make my associations with the seasons as clear as possible. I. Winter (Winter): Presto animato. II. Lente (Spring): Allegro vivace. III. Zomer (Summer): Andante sognante. IV. Herfst (Autumn): Lento melancolico. My favorite movement is the Zomer, because for me the music fits my idea of the hot Summer. Enjoy the listening! Feedback would be very appreciated and helpful! Maarten
  4. Wow, amazing! I love how you give every instrument clear melodies. Balance between accompany and melody is nice. Furthermore, the structure of the piece is very interesting. I enjoyed it really much! Well done. Maarten
  5. Thank you both! @Monarcheon Ah that makes it a lot clearer! Thank you. @Noah Brode I enjoyed your piece too! Nice use of the harmonic extensions!
  6. It was performed in Holland, but that's a minor issue, haha! It was a peasure to work with such a fantastic composer! Dankjewel! Thank you!
  7. Hi everybody, This is my latest composition made for the Harmonic Extensions adv. assignment by @Monarcheon. Tonal music worked the best and when I read the assignment I immediately thought about sonata form. I noted in the score where I have applied the three new ways of harmonic extensions. Actually I don't really like the music itself, because it sometimes sounds so Beethoven or Mozart-like and sometimes it sounds like later 1850 music. Please tell me what you think. Feedback would be very appreciated! Maarten
  8. It is wonderful!
  9. Nice! I love it. The rhythms are very smooth and interesting. I agree with Luis. This music would perfectly fit a film. Maarten
  10. Hi Luis, Thank you for your advices and suggestions! I will change (most of) the double sharps to notes without accidentals. The score is transposed for the instrument, so no line will sound like written. I play saxophone myself, so the in general I know what is possible and what is not. The saxophone is one of the best instruments considering dynamics. It can play pppp, but also ffff. Of course dynamics are relative, so a fff can also be ff, but then the piece has to be softer overall, so that the differences in dynamic do not change. I have played "non-meter" pieces as well, but I do not like to read scores without bar lines, because I get lost and disorientated when playing. Beside that, I want to keep the accents on the first and third beat in 4/4. Thanks for the tip about form! Maarten
  11. Very dramatic, which of course has been your intention. Some parts were a bit too dramatic for me, but I have no doubts that the music perfectly fits the quotes. Thank you!
  12. Hi everybody, I am writing a piece for a composition competition in Holland. The piece is to be written for a Dutch professional saxophone quartet. They firstly want to have a sketch of the piece that takes no longer than one minute. I called the piece Medea. Medea is a Greek witch in the story called Medea by Euripides. In class we were studying the Latin translation of the tragedy and in my opinion it is very impressive. In the part we have read Medea was furious with everybody she knows. In the Messiaen masterclass I learned a new composing method, which I wanted to apply. I used the third mode and tried to create harmony with a lot of dissonances, but also with rest points. This is my third Saxophone Quartet. Feedback would be very helpful! Maarten Saxophone Quartet Gr.pdf
  13. What a wonderful idea of the duo! I would be so excited, when they played my pieces! I really like that you have used many characteristics of the trumpet. For example the flatterzunge, but also writing in the different registers of the instrument. The piano and trumpet have a nice conversation and I like the ''statement & answers'' between these two. Well done! I would absolutely pay for a concert with this music! Maarten
  14. Very lovely! Is it you playing the music? If so, your playing is wonderful.
  15. I liked it! As Monarcheon said, there is a bit lack of development. In my opinion there should be more variation in rhythm. For the rest I have nothing to say about it. Good luck and please let us know how it went! Maarten