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  1. OK. That is great feedback! Tells me everything that I need to know! I have only shown it to one other person and she said that it sounded like a 1950's Alfred Hitchcock horror movie score. So it is doing what I intended: people give very different perspectives; I call this "multi perspective music" or MPM for short. I'd rather not put the pdf score up; on other forums when I have done that with my music people only talk about the score and they stop listening to the music. It's not an intent to be secret. It's just the bad experiences that I have had on other forums. I have a jumpy, irregular, formless style of music composition. In some of my other piano tunes I take that to more of an extreme than here! I have done a rendition with a synthesizer and I didn't like it as much as using a piano approach. Here is a rendition with a metabell synth:
  2. I like the dragged ascending and belled triple sounds. I looked at the score and I use methods that are about the same!
  3. I could include the pdf score if anyone is interested. But it isn't designed to be physically played; the jumps are too big for hands so it's intent is electronic. I can think of some ways that I could improve it but for now comment, enjoy[?] and lose yourself in my pretty strange, self-taught methods for piano composing!
  4. You could try saving to a different folder. You can save Finale files to any folder that you want; I save them to a folder on my desktop that I use just for these files.