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    I teach 5-8 grade band in Paris, Illinois. I've been "composing" on and off since my first music theory class in college (Illinois State University!). I enjoy writing in many genres and for many ensemble types, and have even been recognized as the winner of the Urbana Pops Orchestra composition contest in 2010. I'm on this forum to help myself improve, as teaching takes the bulk of my time and I have little left to take lessons or courses in composition. Seeing the dangers of being self-taught with no outside influence, I've started sharing my work online, and finally found this community.
    Please visit my website to see all of my work, and feel free to message me!
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    Paris, IL
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    Band Teacher
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    hiking, fishing, teaching, church band, drawing, reading, composing (obviously!)
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    Most modern film composers, and anybody from the dawn of time to present day.
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    Sibelius 7
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    Bass Clarinet & Woodwind guru, although I'm well versed in all concert band & jazz band instruments for teaching purposes
  1. This is very well done! Feels like a flashback or a dream, definitely captures your inspiration. I especially like how you were delicate but present at the same time - very balanced. Like a good meal. There were moments when I kind of wandered around as a listener, though. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but if you wanted to direct the listener each step along the way I was definitely "off-task" at moments. I'm trying to find those moments in my own music and find ways to hook the listener so they "go" where I want them to go. Good music, keep writing! Gustav Johnson
  2. Hey! My wife-to-be has been riding my back to write a piece for clarinet choir that we could perform together someday. Per her request, it should be about the Pokemon Eevee and all its evolutions - or as I cleverly call them, the Eevee-lutions :) Here's the last movement (of 9), it's the only one I felt comfortable showing her 'cause the rest are a struggle right now. Thoughts? p.s. it's a waltz in 4, not in 3! Also the score is mis-titled, apologies. Gustav Johnson
  3. Beautiful to listen to! I love the voice leading and the harmonies you use - very emotional. I can definitely see this as part of a liturgical work. Out of interest, where can one find the text for these? I'm baptist and we don't do much of that stuff, but I've always found it beautiful and wanted to set some myself someday but I can't find the text anywhere! Cool music, definitely keep writing :) Gustav Johnson
  4. Personally I teach, and finding time away from my "kids" is difficult. My composing is limited to short bursts a couple times each week, which makes doing competitions of any kind difficult. I want to get involved in more (in fact I submitted an entry in June for an off-forum competition), but summer and winter breaks are my only options for putting in any real time. Like your ideas for giving some target-skills for composers to practice. It's kind of like Master Chef or something where they're given an objective and the chef who does it best wins. Also, to mirror what @Noah Brode said - if we did something like it again, I'd enter. Happy Friday! Gustav Johnson
  5. I'm not sure if I'll develop it into a longer piece. Originally I intended it to be the "landing" music visitors hear when they visit my youtube channel. At 0:18, you don't feel the arpeggiating motion is melodic? That's helpful to know :) A lot of my melodic material tends to lean in that direction, it would be good practice for me to watch out for that and make sure not to get stuck doing that by default. Thanks for the listen and comments!! Gustav Johnson
  6. Hi all! Wrote this today based on an idea I've toyed around with for a while and have sketched out once or twice. I enjoy the harmonies and the way everything interlocks, but I have a feeling I've probably laid things on a bit thick in places in terms of how much I have going on. Thoughts about that? Thanks! Gustav Johnson
  7. Yeah, good ideas! Thanks for the listen and the thoughts. Also, welcome back :) Gustav Johnson
  8. Hi all! I'm officially on summer break from teaching (yay!) so I thought I'd celebrate by doing some composing. I'm practicing doing some shorter, themed ideas that I could use later as soundtrack material for video games/trailers and such. What do y'all think? Gustav Johnson
  9. p.s. where did you get the film?
  10. Sounds like soundtrack material for History channel's show, "Ancient Aliens" The harmonic movement, melodic development, and stylistic moments are all effective. I'd agree that some dynamic contrast could do a lot in terms of highlighting these moments for you. Think about how you can influence the volumes similar to how a live ensemble would shape their dynamics. That would lend a lot of energy to this piece, I think. Cool work! Gustav Johnson
  11. love the composition :) I've really grown to appreciate your style. I would agree about renotating some of the rhythms to make them easier to read, but that may be a personal choice that you made for your own reasons. Nice work Gustav Johnson
  12. This kind of reminds me of an album Kevin Welck and Kieren Kane did together called "can't save everybody". It's a nice chart, I like the way you voice led the chord changes - it felt very natural and kept the tune moving forward. I might consider adding some "moments" on top of the melody, having the accompaniment and vocal melody interact a little more. But in all it's quite nice :) Gustav Johnson
  13. Thanks from you both, I get what you're saying. This was more fun than I thought it would be and I'll definitely be trying it again and we'll see if I can refine it some. @Luis Hernández, Could you clarify what you mean when you say octaves/etc. that should be avoided? Are you talking about doubled notes between say the brass and the piano row? Or something else altogether? Thanks! Gustav
  14. Hey all, My attempt at a tone row. Probably tons of "mistakes" as far as the rules go, but for a sketch I did in less than 45 minutes I'll take it haha. As we listened my fiance said it sounded like cave music and I had to agree. Thoughts are always welcome! Thanks! Gustav Johnson P.s. just noticed I forgot to take the bass drum out of the score. Forgive me!
  15. Thanks! When I did my first few listens everything was balanced the way I wanted it. Since then I've listened to it on speakers and other headphones and have discovered that my headphones give a distorted picture of my sound - they amplify certain spectrums and reduce others. I'll need to invest in a new set of headphones or speakers to see if I can fix that. Thanks, glad you liked the quality of sounds, and thanks for the tips about the composition itself :) Gustav Johnson