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    My name is Anthony Johnson, I am a 27 year old single father of a beautiful little girl. I love reading, writing for video games, ebooks, and music, and I am a huge gamer as well. I live a relatively simple lifestyle and I'm mostly an invert so I don't go out much and would rather spend time working on something or doing some work on my lawn.
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    Writer, game developer, character artist, musician (all forms and genres)
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    Chris Mansell, John Williams, Bach, Danny Elfman
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    I honestly don't know what style I fit into. Depends on whatever I'm feeling I guess.
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    Fruity Loops Studio, Hypersonic 2, Stormdrum 2, Edirol Orchestral, Nexus
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  1. @Monarcheon Thanks Monarcheon, I'll definitely study more and I see what you mean with the cymbals. Cymbals are actually confusing for me but your advice definitely gives me a head start on those. @Casper Belier Download it? Hmm...I can maybe send you a message?
  2. Hey guys so I wanted to create something that was inspired by The Legend of Zelda. I love the use of the instruments in the Zelda theme and I attempted to create something on a similar but darker level.
  3. Wow... I don't have much to say other than this was fantastic. The instruments, the sound quality, the theme it was all very intense. I'm also into film music so this is a great reference for me. Amazing work brother.
  4. I think this structured quite nicely and the use of the measures were well done; simplistic use if the measures but that is a good thing in my opinion. I love the dark overall sound and I think the tone matches the title well. I think it could use more various chord progressions though, but I think the chords you did use was enough to captivate the ear, which is also a good thing but borders on repetitiveness, but you hit it just right. Good work man.
  5. Demo 55: Amazing start! I don't really have complaints about it. I think the percussion there was extremely well done and guided the entire piece. My only thing was it was short. I know its a demo so that is understandable. Demo 60: The fast tempo really brings color to my ear. I love how the instruments work with each here. It seems that each instrument has their own voice and doesn't clash with each other. The length of the piece is better here as well. Really good stuff brother.
  6. The beginning was really smooth and led into the piece quite well. Great use of what I believe was the harp and the accompanying instruments that came shortly after. I've never been great at trumpets so I think this really helps give me insight with those. The whole piece was able to send me through different types of emotions as it went. It felt royal, yet there was something mythical about it during the quieter parts. Good stuff man.
  7. No one deserves negative and unnecessary confrontation in their posts. Positive opinion, feedback, and constructive criticism only. It is best if things are kept on a civilized level.
  8. Hey I really enjoyed this. I played it for my daughter and she loved it as well
  9. experimental

    You know to me this has a very 1990s video game feel like Super Mario lol. It seemingly jumps all over the place, which if that was intentional then that is understandable. Are there a few clashes as well? I can't really seem to tell. Great use of the instruments as you seem to make them work together well.
  10. Personally, I think it sounds unique. It goes along in a dark, but mysterious way. The only thing I think is off is the sound quality, it sounds muffled but if that was intentional then great! This is good man and I can't wait to hear more.
  11. Just in general. I can see where this would be a cause of concern, though I feel it's unfair to compare this site to others
  12. I don't necessarily believe it's a huge deal...
  13. No it's not too late to join, in fact, I wanted to start us off with the violin. I have the score, midi, and a chord and note document all in one folder called "midi and score" in One Drive. Casper Belier will send you guys the link to One Drive. You will need a Gmail account which is quick and easy, or if you already have one you will need to sign-in to One Drive using your email and password. We can all take turns. The violin is up first and has a melody going. Now maybe we could have someone take that, add in something, and the next person will carry forth etc. So to start in the order of interest the next person to add something in would be: 2.) Casper Belier - Timpani 3.) Maarten Bauer - Alto Saxophone 4.) JoeViola - Viola 5.) Bassoongirl 13 - Clarinet 6.) Ranger - Oboe Then comes back to me - Violin (I encourage everyone to team up with others and come up with different sections of your own and incorporate that into the overall piece.) If your turn is up and you are having trouble with sound, clashing, dissonance, or it can even be something like you are waiting for a specific measure to come in etc. Be sure to let the team know here in this topic. If your instrument cannot fit into what is written at that time, we'll discuss how we can introduce that instrument later. If you are to complete your part, upload the score and sound file to One Drive so the next person are able to download them. If there are any ideas you would like to hear, feel free to express your thoughts. Side Note: I'm not familiar with MuseScore at all, so if you guys can make my violin parts sound better, I beg you to do so hahaha.
  14. I personally use Fl Studio to make the notes, but if I do a midi export and import that into MuseScore it'll create the sheet for it I believe. @Casper Belier Since we have more people did you want to continue your idea with the Timpani or start new?
  15. Casper has already written for the Timpani and sent it to me and I added a viola in there, but JoeViola if you want you can totally take over the viola and I'll erase what I've done. I personally wanted the flute while I was going through different instruments. So Casper has the Timpani score and will need certain instruments to play during certain times.