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    My name is Anthony Johnson, I am a 27 year old single father of a beautiful little girl. I love reading, writing for video games, ebooks, and music, and I am a huge gamer as well. I live a relatively simple lifestyle and I'm mostly an invert so I don't go out much and would rather spend time working on something or doing some work on my lawn.
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    Writer, game developer, character artist, musician (all forms and genres)
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    Writing, music, art, video games, reading, being a great father
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    Chris Mansell, John Williams, Bach, Danny Elfman
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    I honestly don't know what style I fit into. Depends on whatever I'm feeling I guess.
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    Fruity Loops Studio, Hypersonic 2, Stormdrum 2, Edirol Orchestral, Nexus
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  1. Hey guys, so I just wanted to do a topic with a collection of uploads I've brought to the site; older pieces that didn't get enough reviews so I could get a timely sense in which direction I am or could be going. Of course, some of you may have heard these already but for the newer members and current members, I would love insight. Hope guys enjoy them. I still have much to learn but I would've never have gotten this far were it not for everyone here.
  2. Thanks...But there is much more I need to learn. The monotonous trumpets are correct and I am honored to have your advice.
  3. Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it
  4. Oh my...I have to say your choice of instruments and where they appear are unique in a really good way. I like the general melody and the way you use your brass instruments were good too. I think ending the piece on the same drum rhythm can be worked on a bit more. But overall I loved it.
  5. Thanks Ken, I'm glad you guys enjoyed it! Much thanks for the tip on making a melody stand out, I definitely have that problem with a lot of my work and will be improved for my later pieces.
  6. If I was playing a Zelda game the music here would definitely fit right in. I especially love the battle theme as it is intense. Good job man keep it up!
  7. My third time listening. I highly enjoyed it and I think it matches what's going on in the video quite well. I love the dark and psychotic feel (well that's the feeling I get from this) it's a little creepy honestly lol but very well executed.
  8. Personally, it stopped sounding like a theme for a film trailer after the 0:33 minute mark. When doing trailers, I usually resort to an old school technique by layering instruments on top of one another to guide the listener. The beginning was fine but around the 0:33 mark, I think you should've introduced another instrument that would've indicated the introduction of the climax. As you introduce new sections, it is very effective if you keep something going from the previous section while adding something new on top of that. I love the sound quality, but it got tiring listening to the strings do the same thing throughout. This isn't bad though and I think with just a bit more work, you can definitely achieve something great here. Making the sound volume louder throughout doesn't equate to epic film trailer music, keeping the listener interested is. By layering not only do you raise the volume of the overall piece automatically but you also keep things refreshing and consistent.
  9. I can be of some assistance. One person per section? If so I can definitely do a section.
  10. I must say that minimalism is well suited for scenes like these, yes? Ofcourse I'm not good at giving composition tips but I am well at giving my opinion based on how the music made me feel so I'll start there. The music blended well with the scenes and it really set the mood for what the characters were going through. Not sure if you had any part with the film directly other than the music but the acting was well done as well as the camera work. The music started and stopped at the right times as I would expect from a good film. I enjoyed it
  11. @Monarcheon Thanks Monarcheon, I'll definitely study more and I see what you mean with the cymbals. Cymbals are actually confusing for me but your advice definitely gives me a head start on those. @Casper Belier Download it? Hmm...I can maybe send you a message?
  12. Hey guys so I wanted to create something that was inspired by The Legend of Zelda. I love the use of the instruments in the Zelda theme and I attempted to create something on a similar but darker level.
  13. Wow... I don't have much to say other than this was fantastic. The instruments, the sound quality, the theme it was all very intense. I'm also into film music so this is a great reference for me. Amazing work brother.
  14. I think this structured quite nicely and the use of the measures were well done; simplistic use if the measures but that is a good thing in my opinion. I love the dark overall sound and I think the tone matches the title well. I think it could use more various chord progressions though, but I think the chords you did use was enough to captivate the ear, which is also a good thing but borders on repetitiveness, but you hit it just right. Good work man.
  15. Demo 55: Amazing start! I don't really have complaints about it. I think the percussion there was extremely well done and guided the entire piece. My only thing was it was short. I know its a demo so that is understandable. Demo 60: The fast tempo really brings color to my ear. I love how the instruments work with each here. It seems that each instrument has their own voice and doesn't clash with each other. The length of the piece is better here as well. Really good stuff brother.