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  1. Now that you've mentioned it I can hear it too :). Although I had specific "vision" how additional themes would be added to main theme (like when rain drops fall), now I can hear it really does lack variations, so I will probably rework it. And I will definitely have to invest in better equipment, obviously I have trouble with drums level in my songs... Thanks for your suggestions and your comment, it's really helpful.
  2. I've created separate thread since there were some issues with multiple songs starting on my last thread is my new song, feel free to make any suggestions about it.
  3. Thank you, I've corrected drum levels in final mix. In the meantime I've managed to finish another song, feel free to put your ears onto it :).
  4. Hi Ken, thanks for your comment. You are right about rhythm level, I've fixed that in final mix. And you are also right about "focus or arc" as you said it - actually most of my instrumentals were ment to have vocals in them, but I'm having trouble finding adequate singers. I suppose my producers like it since they mostly work with movies, commercials and such and this type of music suits them. But your points are valid and I will try to incorporate them in my future work :).
  5. Hello Monarcheon, thanks for your deep insinght :). Your points are valid, I could use more variations in Oceans of Green. Unfortunately I don't have adequate speakers to check everything so sometimes sounds "slips" where it shouldn't be....The dissonances that you hear are leftovers from a part before, I didn't hear them until you pointed them out so I will remove those. Since you obviously know what you're talking about, could you listen to another two songs from that album? They are already finished and signed by publisher, but I would love to hear you oppinion on those. Thanks a lot :).
  6. Hello everyone, My name is Danijel and I'm composing music for several years. Edge of visible is my new album and I already signed first two songs to a publisher. Recently I've composed two more so before offering them I would love to hear someone's thought on those. So any comment is more than welcome.