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  1. Hi all, this is the first part of my ensemble piece 'Reflexionen'. I uploaded the second part a couple of months ago. I put it in a playlist, so you can listen to it in its entirety. Looking forward to your comments.
  2. Hi all, I finally got round to upload the last movements of my first string quartet. As with the other movements, the recording is from the dress rehearsal. (I composed this five years ago.) Looking forward to your feedback!
  3. This is a recording of the first movement of my first string quartet. The recording is from the dress rehearsal. I composed this five years ago. (I posted the second movement a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Thanks for your comments! I will be posting the other two movements over the next month. @jrcramer I keep changing my mind about old pieces. A the moment I like this though, which is why I posted it. I would do things differently now. However, I wouldn't change anything in an old piece. I like to listen, share and analyse what I did in order to develop old ideas of mine in new pieces.
  5. This is a recording of the second movement of my first string quartet. The recording is from the dress rehearsal. I composed this five years ago.
  6. Hey thanks for your comments! @robinjessome its difficult to pin down one influence. I definitely listened to a lot of Gil. However, Miles modal concepts in kind of blue were probably the most influential in terms of structure. I am also a composer of classical music. So that will always impact my way of making jazz greatly. @markstyles Yes, I like to play with expectations of the listener. It is tricky though, as there are many different people and many different ways of making music. In a way what the listener expects is impossible to predict. Hence, I am glad that I was able to reach you!
  7. Hey, thanks for your comment. What do you mean by harmonically thematic? The piece does have a harmonic structure. I think you mean something else though...
  8. This is the second part of my piece 'Reflexionen'. This performance is from a concert at my university.
  9. Hey, thank you for your comment! You raise some good points.
  10. @Luis Hernández Thanks for your kind words! @Monarcheon Thanks for commenting. However, I don't think set theory is a fitting tool to analyse this. There are no {0 3 5 11} chords. The first chord is a C#7(#9b13). Do you mean that sound to be jarring? I have attached the score. Please point out your criticism in the score, so that I can better understand what you mean.
  11. Thank you all for your kind comments! @Seni-G Your imagenative, very eloquently presented interpretation made my day. Thank you. This is the first part of the program note I wrote for the concert. This is not the entire story behind the composition. It only describes the initial inspiration. "In the first days of February 2015 the exhibition “Das Archiv der Träume” (The Archive of Dreams) of the Albertina Gallery in Vienna was an important source of inspiration. The first 30 seconds of my third String quartet were composed in the Art Gallary. I was especially moved by the unorthodox, unacademic positions of the nudes by Edgar Degas. They reminded me that in our pluralistic and multifaceted world, I am free to follow my vision of composing." (I have attached one of the paintings I remember`)
  12. This is the second movement of my fourth string quartet. The recording is from the premiere at the Vienna music university.
  13. The title of this piece is borrowed from the lyrics of Frank Loessers 'My Time of Day'. A song that describes New York Cities atmosphere at 4 o'clock in the morning.
  14. My third string quartet played by the Hugo Wolf Quartett at the Vienna Konzerthaus.