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  1. These are nice pieces. Even if they don't quite tell the story you want it to tell (which is likely the case, especially with no. 3), I still like the pieces very much.
  2. Hi, I'm subscribed to several forums here and haven't received email notifications in several days. I have both my forum-specific and general notification preferences set to "a notification when new content is posted." What's up? Thanks. I've checked my other settings.
  3. instrumental

    The Electronic category is for music in the Electronic genre. Yes, this is electronic music, I think. Great work. Keep it up.
  4. Good work. A few suggestions: 1. At 0:43, I would not move from a B natural to a C in the harmony. Also applies at 1:38 and 5:41. 2. At would not have a E and an F next to each other (minor second apart). I would take out the F. 3. At 3:28, I wouldn't have a C and a D next to each other (major 2nd apart). I would just have a C. 4. At 3:29, I would remove the G3.
  5. I would personally use a more melodic figure, even if it's minimal music. Hopefully this is okay.
  6. Good work. I would very the music more, but that's it.
  7. Good work. A few suggestions. 1. At 0:4, of "All the While," I would play only one E-flat in the left hand. Also, keep a consistent tempo and rhythm as it felt a little shaky. Don't hold the last note of the intro too long. Also, I would also play more harmonies in the right hand. 2. In "Fly," I would add more motion in the piano part where the piano part suddenly stops (kind of). 3. In "Beloved," I would cut the last note of the intro a bit or add more notes. Starting at 0:52 and ending at 1:01, I would add more motion to the left hand. 4. In "Sail Away," I would add one more triplet in the left hand at 0:22. From 0:56 to 1:03, I would add more notes in the piano part. 5. In "Lion's Heart" and "Sylphia," I would keep your tempo and pulse consistent. In "Sylphia," between 0:43 and 0:47 I would add more motion in the piano part. This improves after 0:47.
  8. Hi, What instrument are you talking about? There is generally no symbol for vibrato, as musicians add it automatically if they're capable, but you can say "senza vibrato" if you don't want any. I'm afraid you can't specify vibrato on the ends of notes only etc.
  9. Good job. Keep it up. I do want to warn you that a beginner school band is likely going to be unable to play that fast.
  10. Good job overall. Keep it up. A few little suggestions that might make the piece more pleasing to the ear: 1. At 1:38, I would use the 2nd inversion of the dominant 7th chord for E-flat major rather than the first inversion tonic triad of D-flat major. It'll sound more pleasing, I feel. 2. At 2:10, there seems to be a C natural and a C flat played at once. I suggest using all C-flats. 3. At 2:35, I suggest you change the G natural in the melody line to a G-flat or tweak the chords. 4. At 5:00, I suggest changing the C-flats to C-naturals for a better entrance into the major key. 5. This is not a necessary change, but a nice one. Personally, I would change the A-flat4 at 7:5 to an A-natural4. 6. At 7:10, I suggest changing the C-flat in the pizzicato line to a D-flat. 7. At 7:25, the B-natural sounds a little clashy. How about a B-flat instead? 8. At 9:41, there's an F-sharp in the bass line at it sounds a little clashy. How about an F-natural? 9. At 10:3 I suggest changing the G-natural in the bass to an A-flat. 10. At 10:32 and 10:47, what I said at 1:38 also applies.
  11. Great work. It would be lovely as a vocal piece as it has a very vocal-like melody.
  12. I'm sorry to hear about Byron. Great work. A modern piece that's melancholy and somewhat mysterious to me.