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  1. hi guys, can you Tell me the scale of this choir thanks !!!
  2. hi guys, i was told that this is a 1 - 2- 7- b2 (flat) figure .. can you tell me why? what scale is it ? sorry for the (maybe) stupid question, total beginner !
  3. hi guys, can you recognize what the main instrument of the song is? is it a clarinett layered with a flute ? thanks !!
  4. thanks! to which scale is it modulating?
  5. hi guys, can you tell me the scale of this song: thanks!!
  6. hey guys, im working on a session with trumpets and i want them to sound like those mexican mariacho trumpets. have you ever worked on such an "arrangement" ? any tips on that side ? thanks !! spacey
  7. Thanks !!
  8. hi guys is there an articulation symbol for vibrato ? what if i want the vibrato only at the end of each note ? how to write that on score ? thanks in advance spacey
  9. hey guys, is the first flute in that track played with vibrato, tremolo or trill at the end ? thanks in advance spacey
  10. Thank you guys! Is there a list where I can see all those markings and symbols?
  11. Hi guys, im pretty new in writing scores for real instruments i always worked the digital way. Do you use dynamics when you writing scores? I dont mean phrases like "piano" or "forte" i mean phrases like marcato (stressed), calmando (becoming calmer) ? I know that the realization always depends on the musician but i was wondering if there is a notable difference if a flute is played "marcato" or if its unusual to use such terms ? let me know guys Spacey