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  1. If I'm harmonizing a melody in major scale and in the middle of the melody it switch to minor relative. how I will know that it change to minor relative?. Thank you
  2. Hi, I'm confuse. I want to harmonize Minor scale.But,there is the natural,harmonic,melodic.Please Can you explain to me how to harmonize them and do I have to harmonize each one different then other ones, And why just put at the key signature F#,D#,C#. instead of ad D#,C# next to the notes, Thank you
  3. I need help,I'm really confuse. I heard that C melodic minor scale is half major and half minor, or better it's neither major nor minor. and harmonically it shift back and forward between the major and minor. if it's true, can some one explain to me how to use it....Thank you
  4. Thank you
  5. Hi What is the rules to write a leading tone chord, for 4 part harmony for strings?.