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  1. Hi Monarcheon I am not sure if this helps, but it is worth a try. If the problem is the time-signature, you could perhaps something like this. The lower notes of the first measure relates to the upper notes as a quarter-note relates to a quarter triplet. The lower notes of the second measure relates to the upper notes as a quarter-note relates to a quarter pentuplet.
  2. Hi Annabel I was quite moved by this. This must be a recording, rather than a computer-playback Some people can touch us with their voice. I didn´t know it was possible to touch people with their way of playing until now. Beautiful.
  3. >So I'm glad Bach was Bach, Mozart was Mozart, and Beethoven was Beethoven, rather than something they were not. Wonderfully said, Austenite.
  4. Hi Maarten If you haven´t already found it, you can probably find it using shazam.
  5. Hi Maarten You can find my composition "Water" on my profile. I have uploaded it to the site. It is not Mosaic music, but has a rather contemporary feel to it I would say. Kim
  6. Hi Maarten Since you like this kind of music, (Mosaic music) I feel that I should tell you about my composition :"Water" which reminds a little bit of your piece. I am bit curious as to what this Mosaic music exactly is. Is it something like this ?
  7. Hi Monarcheon >The inconsistent eighth note pattern is kind of distracting, but that has no bearing on the actual piece. I think this can be blamed on the midifile. For some reason the rhythm is a bit untight when you use a mouse to write the notes instead of recording the music. I don´t know if this has something to do with the music program I have used. >The F#dim held for two bars is a little strange in the first phrase is a little bit off putting, and sounds non-functional, even though it resolves later, but by that point it's a little bit too >late, the sentiment is there.>In the polyrhythmic part, the only chord that was really off was the E - G - A - B arpeggiation. It's just the spacing that was a little weird. I don´t understand what you mean here. >I would have had appreciated more variation in the progression as well. It goes on a little bit too long in the same way. Yes,I have a tendency to use the same chordprogression over and over in my music. I don´t think it is needed to change the chordprogression in this case. It does´nt bother me. Another tendency I have is to write in minor keys. About 80% of my music is written in minor keys. I have a feeling this may change. I am a little tired of composing sad music.
  8. Hmmm...I kind of like it, which is bit unusual for me. I tend not to like contemporary orchestral musical, maybe because of the complexity involved. But I feel there is somehow a fine balance in this piece, despite its many "flowbreaking" moments. I don´t know if flowbreaking is the right word, but I hope you get what I mean. I can´t hear on the music, that you hate to make orchestral music. It "sounds" like you had fun doing this. :-)
  9. This piece is supposed to be about the Tarot card : "The Fool". It is an old piece, from around the year 2000, and I think it is one of the better of my old pieces. I usually like my old pieces. Although I am beginning to see their weaknesses. They are very different from the musicpieces I make now. They have a strange kind of unpredictability in them, that I like.
  10. I understand Monarcheon´s objections very well. They make sense. However I am still sure that music can be about something very specific, although we may never know what that specific exactly is. For example a music played in a minor key can be experienced as being sad. So it´s meaning is to portray some kind of sadness. This is not so specific but still a meaning of some sort. With symbolic meaning I mean that the music can describe certain energies. I think it should be possible to describe any archetype-energy, like for example The mother, The father, Animus, Anima, The shadow....etc... I conjecture there are infinitely many ways to describe a specific archetype. Maybe the energies in the tarot can be described through music. At Least the Major arcana. I tried to do this, this a long time ago, but did´nt get very far. It was my intention to do this for all the Major arcana tarotcards, but only did one of them.
  11. Here is the piece from I choose to upload it as a MP3, since some might find the video scary.
  12. Hi celloman For your information, I can tell you that there is a program that can convert MIDI-files into mp3. I use this program all the time. Kim
  13. experimental

    Lost_Samurai : There are clashes in this. There is a painful one at 1:54. This is actually an old windows 95 midifile converted to mp3-format. So you were somewhat right of the oldschool sound. :-) Martim Manuel : You may be right about the dissonances, but I personally like the strange rhytms towards the end. Anyway I don´t feel like changing this one. It is my little freaky One-of-a-kind composition.
  14. Hi all I am convinced that music, also instrumental music can have exact meanings or messages, at least in some symbolic way. As an example I am convinced that Bach´s "Air on the G-string" is about something very specific. For me that piece is about mercy. Or something like that. That is the best way I can describe it. I believe that Platos´s allegory of the cave is actually true. The best music is an attempt to describe music that already exists in another dimension. Thie earthly music may be more or less equivalent to the orginal. It can however never be exactly the same as the original. I wonder how the original "Air on the G-string" would sound like ! I wonder if there is anyone who knows instrumental pieces, that they feel are about something very specific ?
  15. experimental

    I am not sure in which category I should put this. I feel the style of the music could maybe considered contemporary, but some of the instruments are not classical. This is a very experimental piece with many dissonances and strange rhythms. I think it is the only one of its kind of the compositions I have made. I have made a slightly experimental piece before, but in that piece I played around with the Pitchbend, which I did´nt in this piece. I happen to like this piece, but it may be a piece that only the creator likes, since it is very dissonant in places. I don´t know if it would be enjoyable for others than me. :-)