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    I was born and raised in Kansas around the Kansas City area. I was publicly schooled until my Sophomore year in high school. I was homeschooled Sophomore-Senior year. I have attended an ACF accredited culinary school. I play the piano as my main instrument. I can sing, but don't perform. I accompany musical productions as apart of the orchestra pit. I also bake cakes whenever someone asks. My biggest accomplishment to date is my sisters wedding cake (ask me for pictures). My favorite two things to do are to attend symphony concerts and to eat out as kick ass restaurants.
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  1. I put down that i didn't feel qualified. I don't. You all are leagues ahead of me. If, however, I did feel qualified, I would also probably feel that i didn't have enough time to get done what I want to in the allotted timespan. I write slowly. I work constantly. I would only slap something together if I actually had entered.
  2. Your labyrinth series of pieces is brilliant. This is one of the most unique and creative pieces I have heard on this site in a while. As fishyfry pointed out, I love the contrast that the 2nd movement gives to the first. The atmosphere and the color of the second one is very charming and soothing in a strange way. I really like the way you have utilized the prepared piano. You have used it to produce new sounds other then the regular hitting of the key, but it isn't what you usually get out of prepared piano pieces. It still takes a very musical and melodic approach. You have managed to use the new colors you get out of each new string sound to fit a purpose in the overall tone to the piece. It is as if Bach had written his Goldberg Variations for prepared piano - that is what you are accomplishing. I think you should keep going and write many more movements of this.
  3. I have always heard prepared piano and thought it sounded like primitive arrangement of percussion. Sounds like tribal ritual music. I do understand the deal with it being a thing more about rhythm then pitch probably for that reason. It sorts of takes the tone out of the strings and lends itself to creating more beat/pattern oriented stuff like the Japanese Kodo drumming. As silly as I think the idea of sticking things in a piano is, I hate to admit that I like the piece and I also like John Cage's 5th sonata which sounds daily similar to your piece.
  4. Holy Cow. Wow, this is very different then what I am used to coming from you Tokkemon. It is a very welcome difference for my tastes. I like it a lot. This would be incredible to hear performed with a full orchestra. I'd love it.
  5. Don't ask me for help on your composition technique. Don't ask me if anything you did is problematic. Ask me if I think it is worthy. I freaking love this. These are just the sounds that I LOVE! I get your piece very much even through the midi sounds. It is cool and it is beautiful.
  6. What about Finale? Any news on them doing the same? I haven't updated my copy of Finale in ages so I wouldn't know.
  7. Ok, well, that is what it sounds like so I suppose it fits. If it is scoring and it needs to fit scene cuts like a trailer would lead you to do then it works well.
  8. Yes, John Williams. More specifically, very Holst Planetsy. Very well orchestrated. Very full sound. Very balanced between the parts notated for. I would reiterate what Monarcheon was saying. It seems like a few short ideas crammed together. It seems like this could be some material used for a much larger piece and some of these ideas should be stretched out and really tied together with a very strong theme. You are lacking a motif or melody that runs constant through the whole thing and ties it together. It sounds to me like we enter into listening to this thing mid story. It is certainly a better job then I can do with notating and orchestrating, but this is what I hear. I hear it a lot with composers. They do 2-4 minutes of something and they compose what you might call your A and B sections but they are really short and lack enough material to separate them or to even call them sections. I apologize for critiquing this way because I listen and critique as a listener as opposed to someone who can actually do what you have done. Great job nonetheless!
  9. In the future I can refer to you as an "it" if that would be more accommodating to your issues.
  10. Oh Messiaen is a god. Last movement of Quartet for the End of Time (my favorite thing he ever wrote), Turangalila Symphony, his piano preludes, Éclairs sur l'au-dele, Oraison (one of my other favorite things), O Sacrum Vivium, etc. I am glad you went and checked out some of his stuff. He is just such a unique individual in the world of composition.
  11. I'd end up with Bass Clarinet and Cello which might work beautifully at times if I utilized the pairing right.
  12. It is his site. It is his money and his time. He thinks it is a beneficial venture. Let it be. It might be a thing to listen to some people who use the site, but ultimately why should he have to listen to you and do whatever you say? Who are you? He owns the place.
  13. Awesome! I am impressed with the amount of work you have put into this project and I hope that is aids in reviving the participation in this site. I had noticed one day that the old brown site with the young composer dude at the top was back and that is what has kept me here for the past month or so. I hope to see a lively community in the future.
  14. I freaking love this. I am into just about any style or purpose of music that you can think of minus 2 or 3. I played the NES, SNES and original gameboy consoles when I was little and know all of that sound. This sounds awesome. It is catchy just like those game themes were. You have nailed the sounds down with your samples or whatever you use. The syncopated feel is great. You need a B section as in a sonata or something. You need to switch up the rhythm just enough, invert the melody or something and make that B section then come back to the original before it ends. It is not so much a whole brand new B section per se, but it would be like a B section to your original melody. That will lengthen it just enough. I am thinking 1:30 would be about the right length.
  15. What are you using for sound samples? What is your notion software? What are you editing (blending) the sounds together with? This has an incredible professionally recorded tinge to it. I do also really like the composition. If is a bit short and lacks some development of theme or motif, but it does have a nice arch in its musical story telling. It is a complete musical idea with a beginning middle and end. It is a bit like trailer music i.e. it captures all the tips of themes and events or characters in short for a flash across the screen. I wanna here more of your work. Do you have anything composed that focuses more on a singular theme or motif and is developed more in depth?