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Hey guys, so I just wanted to do a topic with a collection of uploads I've brought to the site; older pieces that didn't get enough reviews so I could get a timely sense in which direction I am or could be going. Of course, some of you may have heard these already but for the newer members and current members, I would love insight. 

Hope guys enjoy them. I still have much to learn but I would've never have gotten this far were it not for everyone here.

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I have listened to most of them and I can tell you that you have a firm grasp on the Dramatic and the Grand Gesture. Keep that arrow in your quiver. I think you need to work on writing melodies that people will remember, imo. Only you know where you want to go, but let's say that you want to go anywhere, everywhere. Then you need to work on melody more. You are avoiding diatonic language in favor of minor tinged modality, which pretty much guarantees a half baked melody, a la Batman movies. I understand that this is intentional, and cinematic, and I respect that. But these are only fads, of course. I hope you know that.

I think you are doing great. Just keep at it!

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