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Symphony no. 1 in F major

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A new symphony friends. Enjoy and please give feedback as I want to make my works better! Have a good day. :)

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Hello Sahil,

This is quite nice, you've done a good job of creating the piece and I like it.  (It does suffer with the sound set, but that's nothing to do with the composition itself).  As far as the composition goes, it really could do to be slowed down just a tad, things rush by too quickly to really take in the details.  Also I think that whilst I do like what you have done, it's very (and I hate to use this word) pastiche.  That is to say that there is very little that sounds like you, a new composer if you know what I mean.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with writing music like this as a tool for learning the craft of composition, and it is VERY hard to write something completely original these days, especially if like me, you like to write tonal music, it's all been done before and I too suffer greatly from this impediment.

This is the first movement, have you got the second and third on the way?

You have some good bones here, so I would suggest going back into it and firstly slowing it down a bit, and then seeing what you can do to really put your own voice into it. It's obvious that you have a love of classical music and probably listen to lots of it, so when you listen to your own work, try to hear what sounds like something that you've already heard in other composers works, and see if you can put your own twist on it.  A classic example would be the very last bars of you piece, how many times have you heard a finale written exactly like it?



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