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Found 220 results

  1. I watched a video talking about becoming immune to dissonance, and it's something I can easily identified with. Here there are only two chords / scales: Cmaj and Dbmaj. But always superimposed. When Db is under C, intervals are natural 7 and the sound is softer. When C is under Db, it's heavier because the b9 intervals. But nothing sounds bad to me. Also, there is a part where everything is "inverted". INMUNE - SCORE.pdf
  2. A few of you may remember this as Sketch No. 100 on this site, but I revisited it, updated it, and quite like the end result. A friend will be performing it for her recital in June. Enjoy!
  3. This is the second of two vocal pieces I wrote after being inspired by a translation of ancient Norse poems (the other one is here). [ I'd originally planned for three, but I thought the third one wasn't worth pursuing further. ] In this piece, the narrator, Ragnar, relates the story of his life as he dies from a snakebite. I couldn't include all the stanzas, because there were approx. 1,000,000 of them, but I did my best to keep the most important parts. I'm a little concerned that the second statement of the second theme (in A Major, toward the end) sounds a bit muddy, but I like the unique sound of the extended chords being played in such a low register. Comments and criticisms are very much welcome! Thanks for listening.
  4. I spent a good number of hours and wrote this all today. There was a reddit composition challenge for June to write a 2 part invention and I'm a big fan of Bach and developing my faculties in such a way so I gave it a try. Given how much I just winged it and went straight forward with the first subject and so on that I came up with, it pulled together nicely I think.
  5. Again, I was not sure whether this qualifies for the chamber music or the large ensemble category, but here it is. Powder Peony Waltz is a Viennese waltz written for whatever group of instruments I like (modified orchestral ensemble with ornaments in the form of a piano and celesta). I know that the transition between different keys is extremely awkward and chord progressions are not very fancy, but I was simply asked to write a quick small piece for dance class at my high school for their annual ballroom dance show. I intended to make this sweet, flowery, and light. Thank you for listening an enjoy!
  6. Hello all :), It's my little piano composition. I' m self- taught musician so please, be understanding. :)
  7. Hello! It's been a VERY long time YC. Here's simple piano piece, what do you think?
  8. Using some non standard progressions... ODDITY - SCORE.pdf
  9. This is Wildflowers, one of my original compositions! Thanks for checking it out, feel free to comment questions or feedback. :)
  10. This piece was written as a commission for a pianist in a school I used to go to. It was written pretty quickly and is based on the Hans Christian Anderson version of the story, not the Disney version. It gets weird in some places but I hope you all enjoy! (And sorry it's kind of long, haha)
  11. Dear Friends, Yesterday I finished a piano composition. Here I post it to get some feedback. I hope you enjoy it. I'm not sure if there are too much repititions and transitions are smooth enough.
  12. Trying to create a jazzy mood.
  13. This was a project I did for English class where I wrote a duet for french horn and piano to represent the two ways the character Caliban is viewed in Shakespeare's play, the Tempest. The outside sections show him as a devil, the inside shows his humanlike qualities. I would love to hear feedback on this!
  14. instrumental

    I'm not very good at introductions.., so straight into the topic's purpose: This is my latest composition, completely made through music software, took some time to make (months of occasional effort actually), all suggestions and comments are welcomed, it's supposed to be a final version SO what fixes would have made it better? Sorry if the genre isn't like most of what's around here, I hope it's good enough to be appreciated though. Multiple instruments used, most notable are guitars, drums and a piano, and some other adjusted-to-sound-atmospheric instruments. Weird mix huh? Apologies if this should have been posted in the Electronic section, I don't really know whether it means software-instruments music or electronic genre.
  15. Hi everyone! This is a kind of a minimalist piano piece of mine. It§ s called "Rain" because of the free form and due to the fact that except for the recurring theme, it is heavily improvised and it is supposed to remind of raindrops. I hope you will like it!
  16. Hi I've been working on something simple but funny (for me). Inspired in the life of my cats, I'm doing a king of little suite for flute, clarinet and piano. The clarinet is not transposed in the score. Well, music for me is this, too... T I've written too pieces (working on more): Awakening: the moment when the all come back from the dreamworld. Purring: including the sound of Dexter.
  17. This is my new piano music, I hope you'll like it. Please share your opinion with me!
  18. Sketch_No._149.mp3 So I know some of you think piece is garbage and that's okay. I quite like it. Congrats if you make it to the end and understand it.
  19. I feel attracted to indeterminacy in music and composing "by chance". After having studied Music of changes and other works I wanted to try by myself. I wanted to see the results leaving to chance more or less elements of the composition, and using different scales. I use a deck of cards, and dices to do it. These are pieces that one con find interesting or not, I don't think much can be said about anything (since they were randomly done). I find very interesting to see the different moods changing scales or the indeterminacy strength. oxymoron 1: dodecaphonic scale, pitches, octaves, rhythm, and dynamics all done by chance. I only fixed that there would be a middle part in chords. oxymoron 2: diatonic scales with one or two accidentals added, pitches and rhythm by chance. oxymoron 3: ABA form, parts A use the neapolitan minor scale, all written by chance method. The middle part uses an artificial scale and I wrote it without any indeterminacy, as a contrast section. oxymoron 4: right hand uses Mode 7 (Messiaen) and left hand Mode 1 (hexatonic) first, and a pentatonic scale afterwords. Everything else left to chance. OXYMORON 1 - SCORE.pdf OXYMORON 2 - SCORE.pdf OXYMORON 3 - SCORE.pdf OXYMORON 4 - SCORE.pdf
  20. Yesterday my big boy Byron passed away. It all happened in 24 hours. The day before he suddenly stopped eating and he didn't want to move. I knew what was happening, and wrote this simple piece with him by my side. 12 wonderful years with him... His "brothers" dogs and cats miss him... (And me...) Some pics with the music:
  21. Fantasy_Land.mp3 This piece was written for flute and piano. I wrote this while I was in school and what inspired me to write it was my dreams. I though why not write a piece on different types of dreams you have. This will be a multi movement piece and this is the prelude called dreamcatcher. Please let me know what you think of the piece. Thanks!Click to choose files
  22. This is the first of three vocal chamber pieces I'm working on. They're all based on and adapted from ancient Norse poems (translated into English). The Incantation of Hervor relates the story of a valiant young 'shield-maiden' (Hervor), who visits the burial mound of her father (Angantyr) to demand that he (now a ghost/wraith) give her his magic sword, which she considers her inheritance. I've never written a piece with vocals before. It was certainly a challenge to get the lyrics to match up with the music, and I had to make some minor alterations to and omissions from the original text (but the spirit of it is still there). I realize there are no slurs and not many expressive markings -- this is just a first draft. Any feedback, comments or criticism is welcome! Thanks for listening.