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Found 156 results

  1. Hi all, I received some interesting feedback on my Melody for piano ''Winter''. One of the comments was by @Gustav Johnson. He encouraged me to compose a suite based on the seasons (Dutch: Seizoenen). The Suite is called Piano Suite ''Seizoenen.'' The Winter is the first movement and can be found here: Lente (Spring) is the second movement. I tried to imitate typical Spring elements, such as whistling birds and animals that wake up from hibernation. Feedback would be very nice! Kind regards, Maarten
  2. Hello, I composed this piano song six months ago. I decided to share it here to get some feedback. I love this community because somene listens to my songs and share their impressions.
  3. Here's one for all the love-sick teenagers. I wanted to write something that sounded like a traditional folk song (probably originally accompanied by fiddle or guitar or some such), that was then adopted by the classical music people and rearranged for amateur singing in the parlor with piano. There are lots of nice folk tunes that are standards of recital repertoire now that started out as back porch or pub music. I spent a lot of time trying to decide how florid my imaginary later day arranger got with their piano arrangement, and ended up keeping it pretty simple for accessible parlor playing back in the days before radios. (: How did I do with my way-back machine? Happy Valentine's Day, a little late! (You'll need to open up the pdf to see the words.)
  4. Here's a fugue that I really enjoyed composing. I had so much writing it, and I hope you enjoy listening to it. The fugue is more horizontal in construction that differs from my previous attempts that is a vertical approach. There is invertible counterpoint at the 10th in it as well. It's not glorious, but it is there. Ha!
  5. This is what I see now from my window right now (well, I live in the mountains). And this is how I "feel" it with music. Yes, there are some measures (74-75...) where the flute is quite dissonant. It's not a mistake, I wanted it. For me it's beautiful (it means something, to me). link to soundcloud (mp3 player doesn't work, I'm afraid): BLOSSOM
  6. Simple piece with piano + flute part playing 7 against 8, and a middle solo flute section using additive and changing rhythms and Messiaen's mode 5 in several transpositions.
  7. Hello all, Here is a set of solo piano pieces I've composed. They can be performed individually or as an entire group. Each particular piece pays homage to a certain musical style and/or time period. The recording here is of only a few of the movements. The score of these select movements is also attached. Please let me know if anyone is interested in playing/performing them! Thank you for listening!
  8. Here's an older work of mine that I'm thinking of writing a sequel to. I would be interested in folks' opinions about what works and what doesn't. The basic "story", such as it is, is that the three instruments are three separate characters who are constantly taunting each other. It finally gets to be too much for the piano, who slowly loses it over the course of the piece. Thanks!
  9. Hi all, A friend of mine asked me to write a piano concerto for her - I was already planning one, but now I really began to set the first notes on paper. The early romantic composers' concerti (Schumann, Mendelssohn, Beethoven etc.) have had a huge influence on the piece until now. Sadly enough, I feel I am not able to continue and finish this concerto. It sounds too repetitive and it really bores me listening to it, but also composing. I have reached the capitulation of the first movement. Any ideas how I can recover my motivation of finishing it? I have attached the score and music. Note that this is a rough sketch. Feedback would be nice too! Maarten
  10. Hello everyone, I'm Jérémie. I posted my music a few times on this forum. Here's my last composition. It's a piano piece. Hoping to get some feedbacks. Have a nice day and, thank you for listening! :)
  11. Hi all, Today, I finished this Melody for solo Piano. I am trying to develop my own ''voice'' and ''identity'' in music composition and I think I am on the right way... As the title is called, the inspiration of this composition is the Winter. Of course in the Dutch style: ice skating, Unox sausage, Boerenkool etc. Feedback and comment would make my Winter even better! Kind regards, Maarten
  12. I am a true free spirit. Being charming, independent, energetic and compassionate. Knowing how to relax, and being perfectly capable of switching from a passionate, driven idealist in the workplace to that imaginative and enthusiastic free spirit on the dance floor, often drives my music with a suddenness that can surprise even their closest friends. Being in the mix also gives me a chance to connect emotionally with others through music, giving them cherished insight into what motivates myself, friends and colleagues. Everyone should take the time to recognize and express their feelings, and their empathy and sociability make that a natural conversation topic.I spend a lot of time exploring feelings and ideas before they find something that rings true becomes a musical melody. I hope to establish a place in this world, through my imagination, empathy and courage are likely to produce incredible sounds and music that resonates with others.I figured I would start sharing on musical forum first to expose my creations to others with like minds I hope. Well my channel is below and feel free to comment or let me know your thoughts.Thanks in advance.M
  13. I wrote this massive piano sonata in about a week. I've been playing piano for 7 years and just recently am I taking formal composition lessons. I started to compose more prolifically last year though. I'd like to hear people's thoughts on this though. Thanks in advance :)
  14. This piece was originally written on my 6 string guitar in C#. I managed to get a nice sound out of the grand piano in Reason. I am still working on fixing the velocity to give the piano a more realistic and human feel. I love this though, it's fast, energetic, innovative and really a breath of fresh air to write.
  15. Hi all, I have (finally) completed my Quartet for Piano and Winds. I have completed the first and second movement in August, but I was not able to compose a third movement, until last week. When I listened to Mozart's Quintet for Piano and Winds, K.452. I decided to compose a Quartet, which could be played by my friends and me. This is the reason why it is written for Bb Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, F Horn and Piano. I have tried to compose the third movement in the same style as the other two movements. Feedback and sharing your opinions would make me very happy! Enjoy! Kind regards, Maarten Bauer
  16. A collection of small pieces I recently finished. Each piece has a very different flavor—the first concern is always strong identity. Playback's largely unmodded Finale, so do check the score if you hear something especially goofy happening. If you do, thank you very much for listening!
  17. Hi All! I attempted a minimalist work. I've always been intrigued with this genre, and really get into the "trance"-like grooves that the rhythms create. Like many things, it's a simple concept but to do it well is difficult. The body percussion in the middle of the piece is "played" by percussion instrument sounds in this demo. Let me know what you think! Thanks, Gustav
  18. Here is the slow movement from my first violin sonata. Enjoy!
  19. Hi, I have uploaded this piece before and I have included feedback, I received, in the first and second melody Adagietto. The first melody has already been posted. The original description: For my audition for pre-study at the conservatory with classical saxophone I played the Cinq Danses Exotiques by Jean Françaix. I fell in love with his music. On account of Françaix' music I composed 3 Melodies for Alto Saxophone and Piano, Opus 25 (Dutch: Drie Melodieën voor Altsaxofoon en Piano) today. Feedback and sharing your opinions would make me very happy! Stay tuned for the last melody! Maarten Bauer
  20. Probably not all marked perfectly, but close enough! I figured if I didn't go ahead and get this done soon, everyone would have forgotten the Women's March, and I'd need to write a new one to honor a different set of marchers. Hmm... I hear the March for Science is coming... Shout out to Ken for helping me figure out my accidentals, in all their multitudes!
  21. If anyone feels like a puzzle and has time, I'd love some help. I don't have the theory background to be able to define what I'm doing here other than "it's jazzy." I believe I've got a bit of Dorian in there. Probably some harmonic minor and melodic minor. And some stuff that can just be considered chromaticism and notated however it makes the fiddle-y bits easiest to read. If I could confidently pin down a key or mode for the major sections, I'd be able to figure out which accidentals are sharps vs. flats, but right now I'm not too confident. (Hides head in shame from all the pianists here.) I would love any guidance you can send my way! (Also, if any string players want to nit-pick my slurring decisions, please let me know! I used to play violin, but it's been about 15 years.) Thanks! -pateceramics Pussy Cat March.mid
  22. Someone on another forum was asking for music for their church treble choir that's just starting to learn to sing harmony. They are good at partner songs and call and response. So this is church appropriate and uses lots of unison and call and response, plus a little bit of harmony. Since it has so much unison it needed a piano/organ part to do some of the heavy lifting harmonically, but I'm not a pianist. If you notice that any of it would require really awkward fingering please let me know! I'm attaching a pdf of the score so you can read along. I think this would also be really nice for treble choir plus women's choir, with the kids taking the first unison section, and then the adults joining them. Or for an easy anthem some Sunday when the four guys in your church choir are all out of town, and all you have are sopranos and altos. Thanks for listening! Here's a youtube with the score rolling by in case that's easier:
  23. This is not really what I would class as pop, but I'll let you decide. Lyrics Once the dreams and dark are done Shines the welcome dawn To heal me with the sun Because I have been patient waiting all my life to be here Silent and hating, I fear the rising of the moon Lies burn like little stars that tell me time's been wasting Reminds me that everything will be much clearer soon I have always wanted to keep something perfect close to me But I never found out what that something perfect should have been If you tell me I am only falling from my pedestal Then the ground would seem a little friendlier, then I can sleep I have been patient waiting all my life to be here Silently hating the gentle rising of the jealous moon If you could just tell me something only I can understand I'd be sure to tell you something good Give me a moment, I'll make it special If you would just give me something only I hold in my hand I'd be sure to give you something good Give me a moment, I'll make it perfect I have been patiently waiting all my life to be here Silently hating the rising of the moon There have been little signs that leave me hesitating But I just didn't see the moment passed too soon If you could just tell me something only I might understand If you would I'll tell you something good Give me a moment, I'll make it special If you would just give me something only I hold in my hand I'd be sure to give you something good Give me a moment, I'll make it special Give me a moment, I'll make it perfect. I have always tried to hold that something perfect close to me But I never found out what that something perfect should have been Send a sign that tells me I'm not falling for your perfect lies Then all the moons most silvered coins could never pay for what that buys. Because I have been patiently waiting All my life to be here.
  24. For my sketches project, I asked friends to give me material for inspiration. The following poem was one of the responses and I adapted in the best I could into piano form. The space between my bones and the air feels too big In this speculum there are only shards of shame to pierce me and to compress me Until I can fit the mold of perfection With each failure I can feel the whirlpool churning me up and spitting me back into its grave In this casket I will be filled with the balm of perfection To decrease the difference between me and that unattainable god Drinking life and purging sustenance to keep running away and to become the master of failure, until I can control my own flesh In my vortex of thoughts all that are left are dismembered memories of those battles I’ve waged And never won I have sacrificed my organs and veins to the gods above for achievement And still can never win This stalemate for perfection has left my skin rubbed raw with obsession Scrubbing away the blemishes that go as deep as my numerous sins The scars etched in my mind no longer leave any terrain whole My temple demolished in my quest for flawlessness And these lifelines in my palms are fading too fast for me to bring back my heart I’m trapped in a prison of desperation Of escaping from failure but into the fire of evolutionary relentless times I am bound by serrated bindings of always trying to be better, to be the best For the sake of my hell I am evaporating for wisdom So that my fortune can bring me back to my cavern of dead dreams waterlogged with failure I am tired Of praying to the enlightened And hoping for brilliance And shaving off life to make me more clever I am too flawed to please this jury of mirrors And I am exhausted from running into the looking glass and seeing too much and yet not enough I have put labels on happiness and deemed them unimportant Chosen discipline as my scythe to carve out my smile This shroud I have decided upon is my emaciated love Devoid of imagination for the cruel shape of perfection High expectations have created a ladder that extends past the limits of the universe And too many rungs are broken for me to claw my way up And I’m too afraid of the fall that would shatter the safety of at least being above the sea of despair I am clinging to splinters and twigs of ideal If only I could scald away the fear of mediocrity Expunge the masochist and assuage the fragments that might lead to happiness From before the paralysiss of not being good enough rooted me, Deer in the headlights, Frozen in the icy pursuit of perfection.