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    Yes, but depends on who is playing it. University orchestra or really good high school orchestra. It would be a pretty high position (7th), and the fingering is 1 (A string) 4 (E string) 2 (G string). Notice that there has to be a gap - the D string has to be skipped entirely, so this could only work with some sort of détaché pattern, mostly likely spiccato. I would mark dots. Also, down bow on the bottom and top string, up bow on the middle makes this an easier figure to play, but that would mean starting this with an up bow, which will mess people up metrically, because the lowest note will invariably get the accent. I would suggest shifting this so it starts with the lowest note in each group (or possible the highest) but not the middle. Keep in mind, octaves like this are not easy to tune.
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