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    For me the most interesting thing about this site is seeing composing through a different (more academic) lens. Primarily for financial reasons, I am a self taught musician/composer. When I work on a piece it feels very visceral and in the moment. Sometimes I 'feel' why something works or doesn't but I don't always have the terminology or theory to explain it well or even maybe understand it as well as others here. Ergo, being able to listen to pieces and hear thought from people who are classically trained and have advanced degrees in music gives me an opportunity to learn and grow in ways I might not be able to otherwise. This is the power of the internet at work. And hopefully it is working to add to my education a little at a time. :) Like Christian, I often get inspired by the competitions, challenges, and listening opportunities provided. I don't ever expect to win but the trying in and of itself is enough for me, sometimes even after a challenge has closed I will continues to play with ideas and instruments I might not have otherwise. So yes, I find I am influenced by other composers here to try things outside of my comfort zone.
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