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    Instructor: @Monarcheon Students: max. 10 Expectations: Composers will learn about music from the contemporary/modern period, analyze it deeply, and will write music in this style. This should span over about a month and composition assignments will be used. Week 1: Bartok - form Week 2: Webern - interval set/vectors Week 3: Messiaen - rhythms/time Week 4: Cage - intro to musical philosophy AKA "real theory" Special Notes: This is our first test long-form masterclass... structured to be more like an actual class. It's a test because I don't know how many people will be interested/care. Let me know if you're interested in the comments.
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    Hello, I started to write music in 2006. In 2011 received an international award for music for couple of short films. I write almost film and theatre music as well as music for listening. Here is a track from upcoming album "Excitatus". Hope you'll enjoy :)
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    Little fantasy adventure piece I never posted. I hope you guys enjoy it!
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    It's interesting to me that composing isn't something more people are encouraged to do. Think of how young you were the first time you drew or painted. What grade were you in when you wrote your first story? You didn't just look at other people's art and listen to stories others had written, it was expected that you would like to make your own as well. We spend a lot of time exposing small children to music, and fortunate ones also learn to play music, but not many are given any tools or guidance to compose their own. And yet all preschoolers make up their own songs and sing them without a second thought. So I have a question for you. Why do so many people NOT compose? Why do I create music? Why not? When the tune comes easily and all I have to do is write it all down, I'm frantic to write it out before I forget something. When I have an idea of something specific that I want to do, but I don't quite know how to achieve it, composing feels more like solving a very difficult puzzle. I try lots of possibilities, very diligently, and may change my mind several times. It usually takes me between a week and a month to complete a three-minute piece because I like to put it away, clear my brain, and come back to listen to it again with fresh ears to be sure I still like all my decisions.
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    Hi everyone! I just released my debut piano album on 25th of October, so it´s still very fresh. It contains 10 of my original compositions and 1 re-make of an 80´s pop song which I´ve made on a request of the artist himself. Please take a listen to the full album here and let me know how you like it! If anyone would be interested, you can buy the album here: https://oliverbohovic.bandcamp.com/album/ballerina
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    I think i'm finished with this one although unsure about the ending. I wanted to write something a bit faster than I normally would. I don't have the score as Logic is terrible for that. Enjoy and comments welcome as per. Any feedback really is welcome, good or bad.
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    Hi, I'm a composer student from Spain. I would like to present my composition for my own video. I'm in a project to create videos and music during my year in Helsinki. Im not hapy at all about the quality of the sound, but anyway, this is my video:
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    When I visit a member's profile, it would be nice, I think, to see a list of links to that person's music, that is, to pieces previously posted on this site.
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    This prelude was inspired by an autumn walk. Any kind of criticism is welcome! Prelude 1 Op.2.mp3
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    A short piece for solo piano, basically a variation of the same theme in 2 parts, separated by the change of dynamics.
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    Greetings YC Family! It's been a long time since I made a post and visited the forum. For those of you who may recognize me, you know that I was once an administrator on this site. My years on here have aided me in my ventures within the past decade. One of these ventures was the setup and creation of an online radio station devoted solely to promoting the works of new and emerging composers. This post, thus, serves two purposes: 1. To promote Et Lux Radio and encourage each and everyone of you to listen to the music of your peers as it is broadcast 24/7. and... 2. Make a formal call for live, or rendered, recordings of your works along with a signed affidavit giving Et Lux Radio permission to include the works within its broadcast. Submitted recordings need to be downloadable and in .mp3 format. They can be for any instrumentation and must be under 25 mins in length. Please include in your submission a brief biography and any related program notes for your works. Submissions can be emailed to jaowoodr@gmail.com! Thanks and I look forward to hearing your works!
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    I could also write about some of our history, which could be quite interesting. We'd need to get a few of our old guard members on board to help though.
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    This is Wildflowers, one of my original compositions! Thanks for checking it out, feel free to comment questions or feedback. :)
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    This is what happens when you have to write daily pieces and you get bored with writing crap. I'm quite proud of this work, even though it may not be conventional in any sense of the word. I hope you enjoy this one!
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    This piece was supposed to be an introit or "requiem" movement to a requiem I was writing until I realized I hate writing with established formats (i.e. symphony, sonata, etc.) so this piece remains as is. As such, the final buildup was planned to up an octave and take two phrases instead of one to descend the second time through, but I never wrote a "second time through" so what's here is what's here. Enjoy!
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    I have had the good fortune to live on Central Park in New York for six years. I’ve had the place all to myself in the winter and have had to share it with tourists in the summer. It has many points of interest, such that each are singular and need no colorful qualification. There is The Lake, The Pond, The Meer and The Beach (yes, the park has a real beach). The Sheep Meadow, The Bridal Path, The Boathouse, and so on. One of each. And the Carousel. That too, unique, except for the children who are always the same at five years old. Their mothers bring them here to go around on the wooden horses as the motor cranks up and up and up and the jangly circus music begins, and all the many little hearts that beat so fast in their fearless joy … I wanted to share this little vignette with you. Sorry, no score, but I can give you the instrumentation. 2 clarinets, 1 bassoon, 1 Horn in F, Bb trumpet, piano, harp, glockenspiel and strings.
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    Hello guys! So for most of my life i've sat down at pianos and improvised. A couple years ago I got a phone and started to record these sessions. I've never really publicly "published" these recordings, but since my parents and musical friends say I should, here's one! This is one of my more recent sessions... I record anywhere from 1-3 a day! I only started taking piano lessons last year so my technique is super primitive Any advice for me as an improviser? Are these any good?
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    Here's a short yet epic arrangement of Song of Time from the Legend of Zelda series I'm working on :) Please, do not hesitate to let me know what you guys think! Edit: Nearly finished!
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    Hi everyone!!! This was one of my first works i 've done in the past few years and i would be very happy to share it with you. A dedication to all of you! There are two parts: the first one, from 00:00 sec to 03:44 sec & the second part from 03:44 sec to the end of this track. This part (the second) took me over 3 months to find the right notes of this -orchestral strings- melodic uplift. This music includes Chorals, vocals, orchestral strings, piano and xylophones. This track is relative to the art of the album cover. I would like to say that " It is a dedication to people & inspiration of people who act by making good things selflessly!!! Feel free to listen & to comment if there is something you found that doesn't sounds good enough :) Thank you !!! With love -Dream Sown-
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    I just found this forum and feel that this community is quite friendly for sharing work. I would like to share my work and looking forward for some feedback. The Piano composition is titled: "Farewell", I am about to leave a City where I lived for15 years, and trying to elaborate the feelings through this piece. - Sorry for the recording quality (just using my phone) - There is a little bit off somewhere during the performing, but still hoping the audience can get the idea.
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    A little piano piece I wrote over the last day or two. The initial idea occurred to me late in bed one night while I couldn't sleep. It's probably one of my least tonal pieces so far, although I wouldn't go so far as to call it 'atonal'. I'm really having some fun exploring the sounds and harmonic colours possible once I start accepting a little dissonance into my style. I'm starting to seriously think about compiling a bunch of small piano pieces into some sort of collection - I seem to be writing a lot of them lately, and I intend to continue doing so. My aim is to write one short piano piece at least every two weeks.
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    If I composed this for an 8-bit-styled action-platforming game (Super Mario or Mega Man...), and if the background was a large city (i.e. Seoul, San Francisco, Taipei), here's what I'd compose. Swingin'. I actually thought of this as a Mega Man level where Mega Man actually takes out the evil robots in this city background.
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    This is a Christmas carol for SATB chorus, based on William Shakespeare's poem "Song of the Holly"
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    I changed all the progressions to start with the root. I left the bar 14 C as a C because I thought it sounded better with the F chord and a C than with a D chord and a D. I also added some Dynamics. The_syncopated_rag.pdf The_syncopated_rag.mp3
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    Hello All, I have composed an original piece of music called "Battleground". This was composed having a story in mind of that of an empty grassland after a war had ended. A last living soldier walking past all the rubble looking out into the open air with small amounts of smoke in the distance. As I believe you guys have a great judgement and a high level of creativeness, please let me know what you think. Many Thanks, Tom
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    A cold winter night, an old steam train is pressing forward through the cloudy fog surrounded by tall dark trees. Inside is filled with tall suspicious figures. This scene depicts the introduction to a murder mystery.
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    Interesting. Perhaps you can look for inspiration in the great composers who wrote about similar landscapes. For example:
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    What would you like to know about slurs and bow directions? As a cellist, I don't always perform the markings on the page, but bow markings and slurs can inform how I shape a phrase or build the atmosphere of a piece. So when you write articulation, first worry about phrasing--then, you can worry about the practicality of each marking. While there is no single correct way to articulate music for bowed instruments, some things are simply more convenient. For example, if you want a crescendo over the course of many notes, slur those notes and make it an up bow. Conversely, if you want a diminuendo, make it a down bow. If you want rapid staccato notes, you can write up-bow staccato (write a slur over a series of staccato notes and make it an up bow) or simply write separate notes. I think the last thing to keep in mind is this: the bow is to a string player as breath is to a singer. If you are wondering how many notes to put on one bow, try to sing it! If you find yourself out of breath, you may want to switch directions with the bow. But skilled players can express phrasing effectively even while having to change bows--Brahms certainly takes advantage of this when writing his string parts. In the attached picture, notice that the upbeats (normally played with up-bows in other pieces) are played with down-bows in this excerpt to accommodate the crescendo starting in the next measure. To truly learn about writing for bowed string instruments, you have to be able to think like a string player. Listen to recordings while following along scores and string parts, and you should be good to go!
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    This is some incredible background music you've made! Great job!
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    Hi guys, I composed this short piece imagining it could be the background music for the main menu of a sci fi/horror videogame. What do you think? Soundcloud link EDIT: I uploaded the track here
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    I tried combining Hans Zimmer's style with Sawano Hiroyuki's for this one. The theme surrounds itself around battling an Efreet (or Ifrit), i.e. an evil spirit. This is, for now, still a work in progress I'm stuck on unfortunately. But please let me know what you guys think of it :) EDIT: It's finished!
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    Here's something a bit different. I've always been a big fan of composing in as many mediums as I can get my hands on, and one medium that I've really been getting into over the last couple years is chiptunes. I've done quite a few that I really like but this one is probably my most well-liked so far on the website I participate in (battleofthebits.org). It's quite classical-leaning in many ways, as opposed to a lot of chiptunes which deliberately seek to sound videogame-y. I called it 'ceilidh' because it was inspired by two ceilidhs that I attended during my first week here in Glasgow. A ceilidh, to put it as simply as possible, is a traditional Scottish gathering with song and dance. To me, the term 'chiptune' is distinct from '8-bit' in that a chiptune is music that could actually be physically played on a specific music chip. To prove it, the .mp3 I have uploaded here is an actual recording that another user took of their own NES, playing the music file I had created. It also means there's not much use me uploading the source file, because it was created in FamiTracker which is not notation software.
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    Here is a piece I hope to compliment with two more pieces for a more complete sonata -- this is only the first movement. I've spent a while working on making my writing more concise for chamber settings, and once I actually write this whole piece, I plan on getting it performed and recorded. A large focus on this piece is varying textures and moods efficiently, as well as using the different motifs and melodic fragments to construct the music, concerning myself less with harmonic relationships etc. I've included a score in concert pitch, as well. Suggestions are helpful, and thanks! P.S. I attached a poem by William Carlos Williams, which helped me start the piece P.P.S. I appreciate all the comments, especially on the difficulty of the piano part, and when I finally incorporate this piece into a full sonata, I might re-evaluate certain places. The feedback helps a ton!
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    An app for something like this might be overkill, however I certainly would endorse it if someone took the initiative to create one. I've tried a forum called "Find a Composer" but the forum never seemed to take off. As @luderart said, if someone wants to create a thread in one of the forums, such as the Composers' Headquarters, feel free to do so. And if that thread really takes off and is something popular, we can consider opening a new forum then.
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    Hey people, This one is only a short track but I was trying to match the setting of a busy airport. Im not too sure how effective it is because I've listened to it way too much and cant really tell anymore haha but I would love your feedback :) Cheers guys
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    https://musescore.com/user/12518851/scores/4742266 The first movement is in the other uploaded works (called "Forewarning"). All feedback is appreciated!
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    Hello everybody! I just finished my Piano Concerto No.1 ''Octaves'' in f minor. The Concerto consists of only one movement: Allegro con brio. The music is, of course, written for piano and string orchestra. The goal for me to write this piano concerto was to learn more about how to write for piano and how to write in a more classical, early romantic style. Note that I added some more contemporary elements as well. The concerto is in free Sonata Form: Exposition - Exposition repetition with piano (classical) || Development (many more modern elements) || Recapitulation without the second theme. I ommited the second theme in the recapitulation, because I felt like this theme was already 'mentioned' too frequently. Furtheremore, ending with the first theme sounds fine to me. What do you think about the music? Particularly the development? *The lay-out of the score still has to be done. Piano_Concerto_No.1_''Octaves''.mp3 Maarten
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    Hi all, my first upload on here. So, my friend came to me one day, having known that I liked to write and asked me to put something to some old footage she had of her grandparents. It took me a while to be happy with the outcome but eventually I got there. My background is classical from a young age although the last few years my knowledge seems to be failing me, as I don’t concentrate too much on what is right and what is wrong when it comes to the theory of writing. I play around until I hit on something I like. Let me know what you think 😬
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    Hello everyone, Thank you to all the entrants for your hard work in completing the Summer 2017 Competition! The judges -- Maarten Bauer and myself -- have also worked very hard since the submission deadline to provide you with helpful critiques and commentary. Detailed commentary will be posted below. Everyone should be proud of themselves for their good work. Without further ado, here are the final scores for the Summer 2017 Competition: - Monarcheon: (TIED FOR FIRST PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 40 / 50 Noah Brode: 44 / 50 TOTAL: 84 / 100 - Punintentional: (TIED FOR FIRST PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 40 / 50 Noah Brode: 44 / 50 TOTAL: 84 / 100 - Luis Hernandez: (THIRD PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 37 / 50 Noah Brode: 42 / 50 TOTAL: 79 / 100 - Gustav Johnson: (FOURTH PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 35 / 50 Noah Brode: 40 / 50 TOTAL: 75 / 100 - luderart: (FIFTH PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 32 / 50 Noah Brode: 35 / 50 TOTAL: 67 / 100
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    Thanks @Maarten Bauer it's funny and I like the variation of @MusicianXX12, waiting for more. I'll do another one some of these days, but now that I have my new computer ready and all my files have been recovered I'll be working this weekend on the article for the Magazine....
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    I was randomly bored, and an idea came out of nowhere to my mind. A collaboration of multi-genres! The idea is, every composer taking part will create a small composition that fits with the theme of the full composition. The combination of different genres might not always sound like a decent idea, but it can work. And with the skills of the composers in this forum it can work very well.. but we encounter an issue which is the difference of tools used.. Therefore, lots of mixing and editing will have to go into this (I can do that, unless anyone feels they're more capable.. I'm not the best at it), it won't be an easy project unless we want some crappy result. Based on the number of participants the segments will be divided. Also the full length of the composition will be voted on once there's a decent number of participants of about 4 or more. So basically, I'll have to start the composition, giving a general idea on the theme to be followed, for example.. grief.. victory.. relief.. misery.. etc... But before that, what are you opinions of this idea? Participants @Maarten Bauer @Monarcheon @ilv
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    Who told you that you cannot sing or is it your own opinion? If you love to sing, sing! Listening to all kinds of music (Popular, Jazz, Reggae, Classical etc.) is very important too. Try to figure out why the music sounds the way it sounds and why it contains the emotions you feel. Which chords are used and what is its effect? Which instruments? Which rhythm? Which dynamics? Acoustic or electric? And so forth.
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    I wrote a piece for my orchestra director a while back as our graduating class left his instruction and I was so awful at modulations. Like, they work, but they're embarrassing. The standard issues like modulation and crossed voices are here sometimes, but generally I think the classical nature of it works, but it's too docile for the energy I see in the orchestration. I think you can also spend time on dynamics more; it's really vague and/or general when some of your lines don't exactly lend themselves to interpretation as easily.
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    In my country such digs are common among friends who share common experiences and foibles. The insult is not as severe as you make it, not nearly the knife in the chest, but only the slap on the cheek. In any case, you shouldn't be inserting yourself in threads. Rather, you should be busy writing music to post here instead of listing all the reasons why you can't (shout box) .
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    For woodwinds and strings, this was inspired by a Tom Waits song that poses the question, 'Who will put flowers on a flower's grave?' I'm kind of fond of it, but my opinion doesn't count cuz I'm the composer. What do you think, YC's? Here is a youtube video of the music:
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    Hi I've been working on something simple but funny (for me). Inspired in the life of my cats, I'm doing a king of little suite for flute, clarinet and piano. The clarinet is not transposed in the score. Well, music for me is this, too... T I've written too pieces (working on more): Awakening: the moment when the all come back from the dreamworld. Purring: including the sound of Dexter.
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    To me it sounds like film music, from an old movie. It is nice, relaxing music. Try to search it here: http://www.musipedia.org/
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    This falls squarely under the category of "what do y'all think of this?" I here present for your consideration the charming villancico "Llegad, moradores de aqueste pensil" by Spanish-born Mexican composer Francisco Martinez de la Costa (1739-1769?). The work was composed for the Solemnity of St. Peter at Oaxaca Cathedral, Mexico, sometime between 1765 and 1769, and is scored for vocal soloists, mixed chorus, trumpet, strings, and continuo (baroque guitar and portative organ, if I remember rightly). The linked recording is of a performance of this work by the Austin Baroque Orchestra and Chorus (I am a member of both) in November, 2015 at historic Mission Concepcion (1731) in San Antonio, Texas. This work has never been published, remaining in manuscript form in the archives of Oaxaca Cathedral, and this performance was probably one of the first anywhere in nearly 200 years, and almost certainly the first in the United States. The performing edition was prepared by ABO's director, Billy Traylor. For those who may not know (most of us), a villancico is a vocal work based on a specific poetical form; it usually consists of a chorus (estribillo) followed by several verses (coplas) and a final repetition of the chorus. Villancicos were extremely popular in Spain and Portugal and their Latin American colonies from the late 15th through 18th Centuries. Some are religious, like this one, but there are many secular villancicos as well. Very little is know of the life of Martinez de la Costa. He was born and trained in Spain, and by 1765 he had become maestro de capilla of Oaxaca Cathedral in the south of Mexico. In 1769 he requested a leave of absence to return to Spain to take care of some of his father's business, and was never heard from again. It is presumed he died while at sea on the voyage home. Now that you know more about villancicos and this unfortunate young Mexican composer than you ever thought you wanted, have a listen to this delightful, quirky little piece. The writing is nothing if not unique and individual. I'll be interested to know what you think. Cheers! https://soundcloud.com/austinbaroqueorchestra/llegad-moradores
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    This isn't really my arena so I have no recommendations. ... it's just funny to me that >30-year-old texts are ideal for studying "contemporary" music ... Why not look towards actual contemporary music...like, from this decade?