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    I tried to imagine a suitable cinematic backdrop as the music on its own was unchanging: the same limited harmonies and unrelenting rhythm almost throughout, down to the fade out at the end. Fine in a film context - dark, sombre, not particularly threatening because the dynamics didn't build up. The break at around 3 mins was welcome and I thought it would move into a new episode - but no, by 3'45" it had reverted to the opening scheme. It's a mood I occasionally listen to, having spent tome time with music of various artists in the "Live at Bar Maldoror" series, particularly that most sinister work from Current 93. So to conclude - yes, it would probably work underpinning some darkly moody film sequence but as a musical piece alone it lacked variation. That's just my opinion though. Others may feel differently. Nice moniker for this kind of music.
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