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    Beautiful. This music is warm, perhaps dark as you said, but peaceful.
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    Nice work.. Melody line sounds a bit loud (and a bit mushy) towards the end. Although I understand the Blues is not about 'clean' sounds. Like the bass part. A technique I've been employing for a while now is that as the song matures, and arrangement, becomes complex. I sometimes 're-voice' an instrument or part'. A slightly drier, darker snare, will let the listener pay attention more to the desired instrument. I might find another patch for the bass to stand out more, or make it more muted, or even switch sounds for different sections. I tend to think of a song, as a 'guided walk thru the musical landscape'.. So when the lead guitar does a solo. the other instruments, might get a bit softer, of with a few less notes. This way you subtly guide the listener what to pay attention to. So in the piece the different instruments ebb and flow in the complexity and tone of the instruments. Once in a while, you might want 2 or more instruments playing more 'frenzied' for an effect.
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    Maybe tone the percussion a little bit, especially the snare drum. Because the bass line is constant (and you already did some of this), I would make some more internal chord changes stemming from the mid-range notes (i.e. creating a G6/A chord using the float-synth, over bass).
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    I did this "piece per day" thing for about 250 days a couple years ago. Extraordinarily difficult, so props to you. I'm going to briefly discuss 5, and the differences between interpretations of runs. When you arpeggiate, specifically the diminished one around the piece, it will be analyzed as only a couple notes actually mattering to the melody line. This is particularly true because the diminished 7th chord is precisely the number of 16th notes in a quarter note, so it just sounds like a duplication. Thus, the piece kind of just stops in time for a bar or two. The opening run is a bit more effective in keeping its melodic momentum because of smaller, less consistent intervals. This is neither saying it's good nor bad; it's just a matter of auditory interpretation.
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    Hi @edfgi234 wonderful melodies, Relaxing & melodic backround! Yes i think backround musics for short movie/clip or any other movie 🙂 Continue you good work!
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