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    hello guys this is my new song i hope you like it! any criticism is welcome
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    @OscarDude15: Sorry, I thought I already responded to this piece somehow! The differing voices keep the piece so alive, it's quite refreshing to hear. You're very talented at thematic development, and the repeats only serve to cement the melody in my heart and soul—they do not seem boring or repetitive. I'm reminded quite a bit of Chopin here again, with a touch of the late Romantics. In the words of Lloyd Christmas: "I like it a lot."
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    Some short pieces. Six Piano Pieces.pdf 01 Aeolian (Winds).mp3 02 The Hummingbird's Phrygian Flight.mp3 03 Quick Diminished Changes.mp3 04 Can We Be Friends.mp3 05 Longing Worlds.mp3 06 Gemini II.mp3
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    Really genius! I love all the suspensions in the beginning. Also from 1:15-1:25 there is a great sequence you have which is harmonically beautiful in my opinion. Keep it up!
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