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    The suite's finally up! A lot of movements have been posted here already, but it is a different experience all the way through (if I do say so myself 🙂). Movements 3 and 5 have not been uploaded here before if you want to skip to those, though. Enjoy!
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    Fuga la ciaconna in g minor: The fugue subject is a countersubject to the commonly ciaconna passage (in the key of gminor: G F EB D). This passage is not written in the fugue, but is "hidden" in the hamony. The little experiment here is to have a hidden 4th voice to sing with the words kyrie. The theme will be inn all of the four voice ranges. The idea is to give the freedom to the performer of how to arrange and where to place the voices. That is the experimental part of the piece. As for the fugue it self its for 3 voices. Plase tell me what you think
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    Here is the first draft of a serenade that I have written recently for the following orchestra: 2 Flutes; Oboe da Caccia; 2 Clarinets; Horn in F; 2 Celestas; Violin I, II & III, Viola I & II; Violoncello and Double Bass. I tried to add some chromaticism into the harmony to richen the tonal landscape throughout the different ideas. I might enter this into a competition - what do you guys think?
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    Composition completed on 01/25/2016 You also can watch this piece here -
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    Hi. This is a piece I've composed some time ago. The sample sound is not ok, but it may give some idea of the piece. Feedback is welcome.
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