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    The suite's finally up! A lot of movements have been posted here already, but it is a different experience all the way through (if I do say so myself 🙂). Movements 3 and 5 have not been uploaded here before if you want to skip to those, though. Enjoy!
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    Composition completed on 10/13/2019 You also can watch this piece here -
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    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts, Tónskáld! (I can type that haha :) ) Yes, that was my thought too! I thought people will think that why would I want to make it look hard while it sounds so simple, originally I am an organist and we usually read 3 staff lines anyway (although I don't, because I have to remember them, meaning that I'm terrible at sight-reading :) ), but I moved to another country because of some private reasons and where I live now nobody has any interest in playing organ, so I just teach piano, and that's how piano became my main focus, although I always loved piano, it was my 1st instrument after all :) Your comment encourages me to try and break through my next writers' block in the future, special thanks for that!
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    I like it. Very interesting! thanks for posting!
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    You're doing a great job, Lotsy! I'm a native English speaker and I understand your explanations perfectly well. 🙂 You have a nice working grasp of foundational harmony, Selcuk. Nothing in this piece seemed out of place or forced; you did well in transitioning between related chords. In terms of pace, however, the piece seemed to meander aimlessly and I was a little tired of hearing the same chord progressions repeated over and over. The endless arpeggios in the left hand, too, seemed to hinder the pace. All of this is easily corrected with more practice and experience, so don't worry too much about it! I think you did a great job overall and I look forward to hearing more of your stuff!
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    This was an enjoyable listen—not too heavy but not too light, either. There were enough colorful chords scattered here and there to maintain my interest. Personally, I did not care for the 3 staves approach, since the 3rd stave typically only contained tied notes that carried over from bar to bar. But that might be because I'm a sightreader and a third stave impedes that process considerably. I see that you tried it with 2 staves and it looked messy; however, I often get the feeling that modern writers for solo piano add that 3rd stave to make their music appear "cooler" or harder to play than it really is. Anyway, I felt you did a great job with this piece. And I'm glad you broke through your writer's block somewhat!
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    Thank you J.Santos! Very much appreciated :) It always gives me some extra motivation for composing next time. I am planning to do a similar thing with a different composer and a different piece, I will share it here again, when it's ready. Have a great day!
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    Thank you very much !!! Actually I haven't composed any "unpublished" pieces, and I just made a couple of enharmonic spelling changes and a rhythm correction on the last page after I published this piece. But its definitely true that I did spend quite a bit of time upfront making sure I'd have minimal errors in the score. And to help your mental health 😂, I'd like to add that , as mentioned in my post, I have been composing themes and improvising on the piano for many years. So, in that sense I wouldn't consider myself new to composing. But indeed, this was the first time I composed an "Exact" piece , putting together various themes in a (hopefully) coherent way and also the first time notating a piece. I guess I was also helped by the fact that I've played several pieces by Ravel, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev etc... So, that helped me a lot, but frankly I still find it tough work to properly notate a piece. Thanks for your feedback ! I'm glad you liked it 😃
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    Really good job! It's impressive for being your first piece!! ( for my own mental health I will imagine that either you worked a lot of time and made a lot of corrections or either that you already composed "unpublished" pieces to get experience hahaha) I'll follow you on musescore and like it!
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    Sounds great!! Nice job
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    Hello, everyone. It's been a while since I last posted anything, and I finally have a new piece for you all to listen to: the Fantasia in F-sharp minor. I consider this piece to be my most ambitious work for piano, and also my most personal work. It is also my now-longest composition, lasting roughly 32 minutes in length. The Fantasia is in 3 movements: Movement 1. - Ballade: Moderato serioso (F-sharp minor) Movement 2. - Barcarolle: Andante (F-sharp major) Movement 3. - Finale - Tempest: Moderato - Allegro appassionato - Maestoso (F-sharp minor-major) Here are my performances of the movements on Youtube: I hope you all enjoy. 🙂 Theo
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    This pieces are incredible!! Impressive indeed. I love them, KEEP COMPOSING!! I also learn from you as well as great master, each of compositions like this inspire me everyday, so thanks!
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    This is my very first fugue-stuff that I actually was able to finish, and I would like to have some feedback of yours, good/bad, hot/cold, I can handle both, I'm here to learn! 🙂 Fughetta No. 1 I am not even sure if this is a fughetta or just an imitation or however they call it. I'm interested in any kind of tips you might have for me, especially counterpoint and fugue tips/technics in this case. Everybody have a nice day! Regards, Lotsy
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    Haha, thanks, I guess?? This whole suite is supposed to be pretty low-key; I certainly don't criticize Webern for not using many notes. Yikes. They were compilations from a Sketches project I did a few years ago, writing a piece a day for most of a year. Those just so happened to be the jazzy ones. Glad you like them, though. Haha that's kind of what this piece comes down to. Lots of atmospheric stuff; I write pretty maximalistically normally, so coming down and writing with just a few notes/patterns was a challenge. I have a few of each on the forum, but most of them are bad. The 2 harpsichord fugues I've written are the only good baroque pieces on here by me. Most of my compositional style is either musical theater related, or neotonal/modern. Thanks, again!
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    Great variation or better said "Reminiscence" of beethoven's work!! It's really beautiful. I love the way you make it see like a modern piece. Keep doing great!
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    Hello Markus! I thought I am going to give you a review too, and well, I can't.. I think it's very clear which of us can teach way more about baroque style to the other, so all I could do at the moment is to Like this and to say: Hats off, Sir! 🙂 (PS. I'm going to remember you if I stuck with a baroque composition)
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    Wow, that was really impressive! I love brass ensembles, and your piece capitalized on the bright and brassy sounds. Great job! I hope your piece is well-received!
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    Composition completed on 08/14/2015 You also can watch this piece here -
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    Your planning looks great, however your execution of it feels repetitive and "uninspired". Don't get me wrong, inspiration is a very abstract concept, and it's not about being "blessed" with ideas and concepts as in the romantic fashion of conceiving it. However, I feel like you aproach music as if solving math problems, which makes up for great explanations of your piece, but not much emotional content to back it up. Try composing something without planning everything you do and actually getting a closer view to the themes/harmonies. I know it's not much of a help when it comes to this piece, but I feel it applies to all your other works aswell. Best wishes, Jean.
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    Your works are impressive. Nicely written. I love this kind of music, the march here is beautiful and serious. I respect the taste of every composer, and I think you feel comfortable in this post-romantic language. However I'm always looking for different harmonies or systems, or whatever in contemporary composers. Anyway, I'll keep on listening to your music.
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