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    I would have liked for a bit less ambience, as it drowns out the percussive sound you went for. Besides that, I think this is a solid ending.
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    These are delightful-sounding short pieces, with very clear Classical era influences. The first one, with the mix of triplets, seems to be a sort of practice in keeping time. The second one, a practice on left hand tone control -- with all the chords in there. The third one - my favourite - reminds me a little of Mozart's K.545 3rd movement (not the tune, but the general concept of the piece). Feels like an exercise on clarity. Nice work!
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    Quite interesting perspective. I'll check that out, thank's for pointing it out!
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    @Left UnexplainedHey! Thank's for paying close attention to this one. I loved this piece when I had just finished it, now not so much. I don't know why, I feel like I expanded it into proportions that weren't required in the first place, so it became unwantedly static. I quite like the third movement though. However, I learned what I could from this one and axpect to be more ccareful in my next ones. Cheers!
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