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    Hi guys. Here's a little ditty that's been nagging me for some time, I intend to integrate it into a larger piano/orchestral work later (Rhapsody 2). Hope it makes you smile. Cheers, Mike.
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    I always wanted to write something for violin because is one of my favorite instruments allong with guitar and piano, so I decided to write a preludio and allegro (that was some time ago). But when I showed it to one friend of mine who is a violinist, she said that more than a prelude it feels like and etude because of the very high notes in measures 12,13,28,29,56 and 57. So, i would like a second, third etc opinion about that. For all the violinist out there, are those notes that hard to play, and how is the prelude overall?. Thanks in advance for all the comments :3.
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    Here’s a tune I made in Sonar 8.5. I really would appreciate knowing if the levels are okay, especially on the bass end. All I know is that it sounds fine on my system. Thanks in advance. Enjoy. Here’s a Soundcloud link in case the mp3 doesn’t work:
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    Hi everyone, I've been making some instrumental music and thought I'd share it here. I'd really appreciate anyone having a listen (and even subscribing if you enjoy it). Wishing everyone a happy New Year.
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    @Monarcheon . Yes, I was sarcastic, of course. I'm sorry. I think many fields in modern harmony are mixed in real composition. But we need to have clear what is atonality and what not. And what it politonality and what is a tonal center, etc...
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    Thanks very much for the review. Glad you enjoyed my music! I deliberated on using extended techniques -and have used them in the past with other works. In terms of this piece, I did consider using spiccato and sul ponticello (as well as sul tasto) for some of the passages within the first and second movements. I also deliberated using fluttering for the flute and clarinet parts in the second movement. The third movement's opening section also was a spot that I had considered revising the violin part to play the suspended note as a harmonic instead (I do wish to do this, but... haven't figured out how to do harmonics in MuseScore -in particular how to get the rendering to play it). I'm also a bit old fashioned in my usage of extended techniques. While I appreciate the timbral qualities and how they can further enhance the musical texture and soundscape, I'd like the music itself to stand out -and, in a way, feel that by adding extended techniques just for added pizzazz lessens the value of the work itself. It's all subjective though!
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