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    Well spoken! It is really useless to continue this discussion. And I wish Donethur all the best with his composing. Your suggestion about discussing predicability and musicality is definitely worthwhile. These are extremely complex issues, but very interesting!
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    To be able to critically validate your own work is probably one of the most important (and difficult) things for a composer to learn. And in this context, it is important to be able to validate and learn from negative comments. A lot of people seem to be only looking for praise, which is a kind of self-deception. A good rule is: Take your work seriously but donĀ“t take yourself seriously.
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    I want to get away from large, continuous blocks of sound. This piece may be their last stand before I change lol.
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    I enjoyed this a lot. The range of ideas kept it very interesting throughout. I was a bit surprised at the start when after the intro it went to Eb major rather than G major/minor, but that's not a bad thing. Not much else I can say really, its lovely.
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    I normally don't visit this section of the forum. The title is what really drew me in. I'm very sorry to hear about what you're going through! I can't offer or say anything that would help you, but I can tell you how much I enjoyed hearing your music just now. Your feelings came through very strongly, and I'm hoping for the best for you! Please take care and keep composing if you can!
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    Hi Muhammadreza: The song is beautiful and sad. It certainly reflects your message. I might like this the best of all your posts here. I too have battled depression/anxiety for decades. I take psych meds, and counseling. I'll go for a while, feeing neutral, or even good. Then I might really fall deep into an emotional hole. A lot of people don't realize MENTAL HEALTHis a real issue. Your brain is an organ in your body, and it can go from states of health, strength, depression, or weakness. And some people mental health is something that should not be talked about. There are various ways to deal with depression. There are coping strategies you can learn to use.. Like you did here, I sometimes use music to express an emotion I'm feeling. The process of creating a piece, helps you process your feelings too.. You are in my thoughts
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    Cool piece! I wasn't expecting the cello solo! If you had shown me this piece and asked me to guess the title, I don't know if Cloudy Dreams would have come to mind, but I think it definitely fits. I also enjoyed the sound effects throughout. Thanks for sharing!
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