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    Such organizations exist in America, and everywhere else as well. Signing away rights is one thing composers should absolutely avoid unless you are offering a very large sum of money. Which, if you seek to avoid paying royalties, I suspect you aren't offering. The deal that you should look to strike for indie games is that the music the composer makes is licensed to you for use in the game, but not exclusively. You pay them a fee per track to use in the game, but the composer retains 100% ownership and can re-use the tunes elsewhere; perhaps in music libraries that will generate royalties. Composers should also seek to do that with their back catalog as well. You get a soundtrack for your game; they have insurance and longevity. Any other type of deal on an indie project is, frankly, getting screwed. You could be signing away rights to music for a game that never gets released and the music composed is unable to serve you much purpose and cannot generate any income; a totally wasted effort. Or, it does get released, explodes in popularity and the composer makes nothing beyond their initial payment while you guys bathe in money.
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