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  1. How strange. I have always thought of some keys as having special charicteristics. I thought Eb Major was triumph, and why is Db major so bad? C# minor is my favourite key, I think it somehow sounds more profecional and nice than others. I don't really agree with any on the site. The one on Cmajor is true :thumbsup: Fminor, longing for the grave seems vaguely right, it is a sad key for some reason. That's all I can think of for now, anyone else?
  2. At the moment I am trying to learn chopin nocturne #13 in Cminor. It has 15th's on the left hand however they are rippled.
  3. I knoe the Eb is a bit weird, but it is also original, and the voice of it fits it in a bit, a GM at the end would sound repetitive after a G(M/m?), but there are probably many chords that could take the Eb's place.
  4. Allright, these may seem simple, I have searched the wab and forum and tried many things, but I can't seem to find rests on finale 2006. Also is it possible to copy a bar in sibelius 4, and paste it like in finale. I've only just got sibelius and am having trouble trying to make it work well. Help would be appreciated.:P
  5. That's a nice song, the chord progression sounds really good in that. It sounds professional. It's original too.
  6. Hi PianoManGidly, I agree that inversions are important, but I do not Know how to write them in, and you can hear on the midi what they are sort of. Would it be possible to post a midi of your chord progression, I would like to hear it.:P
  7. Hi. I like chord progressions, and making ones up, so I was wondering if anyone makes them up, if so post them here in midi form, and say what the chords are. Try be original, make up strange ones that are interesting. Here are two of mine. The first one goes Cm, D7, Bb half dim, C+, Cm, D-, Cm, GM. The second one goes Cm, D-, D7, G7, F#dim, Cm, Eb half dim, G7. Chord 1.mid Chords 2.mid
  8. The best I find is 6/8, I just seem to get a lot of ideas for this time signature, and the left hand is easier to do.
  9. I've been composing for 5 years since I was 9. My very first piece was called sunaby, my first actual piece was a prelude in A minor which I will post, I made it when I was around 9/10.
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